Worm War MOD APK (Instant kill) 6.9

Updated 29/05/2021 (3 years ago)
NameWorm War APK
PublisherBIG BEAR
MOD FeaturesInstant kill
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Worm War

If you like light games and can kill time in your spare time. I highly recommend Worm War. A light game that you can enjoy at any time. Especially when you are free and bored with nothing to do. With just one simple operation, turn on your smartphone and enter the game. You will be transported into the world of worms of all sizes. They are fighting each other for the title of winner and biggest.

Worm War is a lightweight game, with a fairly simple design. Inspired by the legendary classic Snake Xenzia game. But changes in gameplay and many other things. Still collecting food to increase your size. But you are not alone in this game. Which is a lot of other players with the same purpose. Collect as much food as possible to grow up. Defeat your opponent’s other worms to claim the title of the biggest and strongest worm. Sounds interesting and funny, right?

Worm War mod free

Download Worm War mod – Online worm war

With a simple game interface, you will be able to choose your favorite worm. With all shapes and eye-catching decorative motifs. Then the game starts, your worm will be taken into a strange space. With black and white squares stacked on top of each other. There are many things called food here to provide for your growing worm. Of course, you are not alone in this world. Confronting you are other worms, which are other players who are also participating in Worm War. All have the same mission to destroy everyone. To become the biggest worm and get the most points.

You will control your worm with the large Joystick in the left corner of the screen. The thing that helps you move so supple and flexible like a real worm. Move around the places where there is a lot of food and collect them. You can be a gentle player. By patiently accumulating to become bigger. Or a little daring, that is to destroy the remaining players. By trying to get them to headbutt their torso. They will disappear and leave behind a pile of previously absorbed food. Corresponding to their score. Which way you play is up to you. Just be very careful because you can also lose your life at any time.

Worm War mod apk free

Use lots of cool looks

As mentioned above, you have a lot of different looks to choose from in the game. With these looks, you can express your own personality. Or simply put on a more colorful image than many other players. The quantity is enough for you to freely choose. Includes body color and head shape. Dress yourself up with a penguin head, ice cream cake or four-leaf clover. Same body with a variety of colors and textures. Make the image look as cool, or as funny, as possible. They have no effect on Gameplay. But make sure you have a good laugh with everyone.

Worm War mod

Compete with rivals

Accompanying you in this battle are worms – veterans. They possess many very unpredictable tactics, although Worm War is a fairly simple game. In the game, there is a special mechanism. That is you can speed up your worm. It will crawl at a faster rate than usual. But the score will gradually decrease because the food is discharged as it accelerates. The masters often use them to rush into other worms’ heads. When the prey’s head touches the body, they will disappear and they will gain extra points for themselves. This is a great tactic you can use. And beware of those who are always snooping to destroy you at any time.

Food source variety

For game worms like Worm War. Food is an integral part of the game. In the games of the last century. Food is represented by flashing black dots on the screen. Collected will add a certain length to your snake. In Worm War, it’s different, the food for worms to collect is very diverse and has a much larger amount. Those are colorful fruits and candies that make the black and white wallpaper less inert. Possessing a lot of numbers because the average score of each worm must be up to thousands or tens of thousands. So this is not strange to those who are used to it.

Worm War mod apk

Surely many people will want to download and try the Worm War game right away after reading this article. It’s for the ultimate in simplicity. But strangely attracted by the attractive gameplay and rivalry. If you really like it, download Worm War mod now and become the most powerful worm.

How to Download & Install Worm War MOD APK (Instant kill) for Android


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