Food Gang MOD APK (Unlimited money/Stupid AI) 1.1.2

Updated on 01/11/2022 (5 months ago)
NameFood Gang APK
PublisherBloop Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money/Stupid AI
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Food Gang game for you to play the role of food and fighting new style extremely interesting. You will play the role of funny characters like fruits, fruits, cakes, and your weapons. The scene of the battle is very close, the kitchen is the battlefield for the player. You and your teammates plan and destroy enemies with your impressive offensive skills. Players can hide behind positions such as stacks of plates, brandishing pots, wine glasses … Food Gang creates a fun atmosphere for those participating in the fight. Each side needs to try to destroy the enemies within the time limit. After the end, whoever eliminates the more enemies wins.

Food is recreated with the interesting story of Food Gang. Instead of making food for daily meals, the game creates fun gameplay that makes you enjoy it. Characters have the ability to attack near or far. They all have their own characteristics as well as strengths. Players take advantage of the strengths of the character that they have chosen. In general, Food Gang is a fast category that is easily accessible to players of all ages. You will have fun moments as you enter the battle world of fruit, fruit, and food.

Food Gang mod

Download Food Gang mod – War of foods

The fact that a Pizza, a tomato holding a weapon to fight is probably beyond our imagination. But Food Gang is the place where the great war of the parties takes place. In a minute and a half, you need to coordinate with your teammates to destroy the most enemies. You have no other choice once the time has started. The dining table with wine bottles, glasses, plates, pots are familiar things. The skills used in Food Gang are not complicated, it’s all about jumping, moving to the sides and attacking.

Food Gang mod download

Funny characters

Food Gang characters are familiar ingredients in daily meals. Cauliflower, tomatoes, bananas, … I think they are not strange to anyone. But at Food Gang, whether it’s a fruit or a cake, you can move. However, the character retains the core traits that correspond to the fruits. You need to collect all kinds of characters from the character collection with food style. They are all of no low value, fight excellently to win a great bonus.

Upgrades for warriors

Food Gang clearly classified for each level of character. Each level is specified for the character to have more or less changes. Players can get extra boots and bonuses while leveling up. In particular, indicators of health, attack of plants, food also increased. You can hold out longer when fighting the enemy.

Weapons attached to each character

Each character has different attack abilities. Maybe a sword or gun, but the battle in Food Gang often wears out of fitness. That means even if you use a gun, you can not destroy the enemy with a few bullets. When fighting, be careful of enemies that are capable of attacking at close range. They easily take away the lives of you and your teammates.

Food Gang mod apk

Food Gang gives players a fun action space with many new experiences with fruits and food. Join the game mode with familiar characters in every daily meal. They are not something for food or dessert as you may know. Now each fruit is like real combat able warrior. Download Food Gang mod, you play the character you like and conquer all enemies with your teammates.

Download Food Gang MOD APK (Unlimited money/Stupid AI) for Android

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