Ryan’s Dart Tag MOD APK 1.3.2 (Unlimited Money)

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NameRyan’s Dart Tag APK
PublisherCactus Production Studios
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play

Join the fun battle between Ryan and his friends in Ryan’s Dart Tag game. Ryan and his friends go together to each famous place in their travel schedule. Friends organize a play during the fun so that they can make memories. You will be able to collect blasters from launching bullets at your friends to take them down. The help from Combo Panda will help you keep up with the talents of your friends. Test your aim and blaster skills with your friends to see who stands out the most. Unlock outfits so Ryan can outshine his friends during his travels.

A tour between Ryan and friends going around famous places to connect. They will join the game using blasters to shoot at their friends to win. The friends go into hiding together in different areas, and Ryan must be the one to find them. Quickly move Ryan between locations, find friends, and use the blaster to shoot friends. You can hide obstacles so bullets from your friends’ guns can’t hit you. Your friends’ shots also have a special function so you can counter them. Pay attention to the bullets so Ryan can avoid being hit and damaging your armor.

Ryans Dart Tag android

Download Ryan’s Dart Tag mod – Join the fun blaster wars

Blaster matches between Ryan and his friends are waiting for you ahead with lots of fun. Ryan and his friends will compete to see who is the best blaster user on this trip. They will join and use blasters to launch bullets at friends to eliminate each other in the game. In real life, they are friends, but in-game, they will treat each other like rivals. You have help from Panda, so you will have to face many bullets from friends alone. Get into blaster fun with Ryan and friends in the touristy spots. No need to compromise between friends and fight like regular players.

Ryans Dart Tag mod apk

Blaster game

Ryan and his friends decided to go on a trip and bring their guns with them for fun. Their weapons don’t harm each other because it’s standard plastic bullet blasters. Each person is allowed to hold a weapon and hide everywhere to avoid being found. Instead, use the blaster gun in your hand and click on your friends to help Ryan hit and eliminate them. Friends, you can find weapons other than blasters that can get you out. Pay attention to bullets fired by your friends so you can choose to hide. You can also catch that ammo again because they are simply water balloons or plastic pellets. Search for friends and eliminate them with your blaster bullets.

Ryans Dart Tag apk

Blaster battlefield

Blaster matches with friends will become dull when only playing in one place. So Ryan and his friends can move to many different places on this trip. But, of course, we must explore all the places in the old area together to continue. Every member will go to a new location that is different from the old one and has more hiding places. Get used to the new terrain, and your blaster friends will inevitably hit you. You can win the new map quickly, but the new map may be your forte in the other party. Get used to the new play area and keep using your blaster to knock your friends out of the game.

Ryans Dart Tag mod

Collect blasters

In the entertainment journey with friends, you can unlock many new blasters. Every time you beat your friends with a blaster, you can pick up the blaster and use theirs. Between Ryan and his friends, there are also quests for each person that needs to be completed. Try to complete missions before your friends for a chance to unlock new blasters. You can use blaster parts in the crate as a complete weapon. You can also upgrade the blaster guns as you defeat your friends. Bonuses from friends after each win will help you get gold to boost your blaster. Use your skills to beat your friends and be the first to have the most blasters.

Ryans Dart Tag free

Ryan decides to compete against his friends in blaster battles during his travels. Search for friends in the middle of a significant location and use plastic bullets to eliminate friends from the game. You’ll need to aim and shoot before your friends can hit you back with their blaster. Accurately click on friends so that Ryan can shoot the most accurate bullets. Collect your blasters from the quest and increase blaster damage. Each blaster type will appear and affect Ryan’s friends differently. Become a blaster owner for your friends in the group to admire. Download Ryan’s Dart Tag mod to test your blaster skills in the game and try to win more for Ryan.

Download Ryan’s Dart Tag MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for Android

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