Metal Wings MOD APK (Unlimited money, god mode) 6.7

Updated 03/05/2021 (3 years ago)
NameMetal Wings APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, god mode
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Metal Wings

During the course of human development, the prospect of aliens coming to invade the planet is not too strange. Those fascinating subjects have been featured in many works of art. Even video games with countless different genres. Among them is the game Metal Wings, which takes us into the future. As scientific technology has evolved a lot more modern. And humanity has suffered a huge-scale invasion caused by alien monsters. So what awaits us behind this onslaught?

With a simple 2D shooting genre, Metal Wings talks about the invasion of unidentified monsters. They are definitely not of earth origin. Coming here with a vague purpose. Attack everyone in the world. So the government created a task force with the same name as the game. With the mission to destroy all those dangerous creatures. Avoid for the earth to welcome more dangers in the future.

Metal Wings mod

Download Metal Wings mod – The brave steel warriors

As the controller of the warriors, you will directly take on the task of fighting these ferocious alien monsters. They are extremely dangerous and require a large arsenal of powerful weapons to threaten. Players are provided with an arsenal of modern equipment for the future world. Entering the battlefield is the game screen, you can only move left and right in this 2D space. With many different terrains. Around will appear monsters waiting for you available. This is a battlefield where you have to fight really chaos to survive.

Monsters usually appear in waves and have separate signs for you to recognize them. Then raise your gun and fire it. The character control system is quite simple. Part shooting game will take care of you. Left are the familiar buttons to fire, change guns, change bullets, grenades, like in conventional shooting games. Destroying them will take a long time if you are not familiar with the pace of the game. After a while, you won’t have to worry anymore.

Metal Wings mod mod

Key characters

There are many characters you can choose from in different matches. In addition to possessing different skills, they look quite similar in gameplay. You can choose anyone from the list. Take them into battle and fight against monsters. Using skills that correspond to a monster’s counter is also a very smart choice. Because each person will have their own unique weapon. The increase in your ability to play many different weapons also makes your level increase significantly.

Metal Wings mod free

The monster race is very massive

Monsters are designed in a unique and creative way. Based on its different evolutionary forms, there are many outstanding species that can be mentioned on this list. These are species that look like animals, they are equipped with machines and weapons on humans. Become a real destruction machine. The gods of death are skilled in robbing and destroying souls in the fastest and most deadly manner. Not to mention there are robot-type enemies. Depending on the type, they can fly, jump or run at very fast speeds. You must dodge the projectiles and their attacks to have the chance to counterattack before sacrificing.

Metal Wings mod apk

Giant dangerous boss

It is indispensable for the final bosses of each race species. When you defeat almost all of them, the boss will appear. Its giant stature will probably surprise and quite frighten you. But it is important to stay calm to resolve any difficulties in this situation. Because they are bigger than any other monster. Bosses will have separate attack skills, a large health bar, and a very large damage area. You will most likely have to avoid the whole thing if you don’t want to sacrifice in vain. Responding to them may take a long time. But it wouldn’t be impossible.

Metal Wings mod apk free

Are you ready to dive into this chaotic one-on-all battle? This will not be a futile fight, as you are equipped with the most advanced weapons. The same human mindset to fight those soulless machines. If you are ready, join the world of Metal Wings to take control of brave warriors. In this chaotic battlefield and win most convincingly. Defeat giant bosses and achieve the title of the strongest of all. That is the ultimate purpose of the Metal Wings mod.

How to Download & Install Metal Wings MOD APK (Unlimited money, god mode) for Android


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