Valley of Stars MOD APK 1.9 (Unlimited moves)

Updated on 10/01/2023 (3 weeks ago)
NameValley of Stars APK
PublisherCOZYGROUND Co., Ltd.
MOD FeaturesUnlimited moves
SupportAndroid 8.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
MOD Infomation

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2. Unlimited Auto Move
3. No Ads

Suppose you are bored with popular games such as survival shooting, construction, farming, sports, etc. Or you want a fair game to entertain your mind and solve clever puzzles. . You can download and experience Valley of Stars – Nonogram immediately. Valley of Stars – Nonogram will give you puzzles to solve and explore the game’s story through levels that require the use of your brain. Suitable for players who love the game screen that requires brainstorming without being boring. Challenge yourself with levels with squares and numbers that you have to solve. Learn how to play and overcome puzzles, each with different logic.

Valley of Stars – Nonogram will not be boring like other puzzle games of the same genre. This game in addition to solving puzzles, you will also discover the story of the game after each level. Each level will have different stories about a girl and a fox. The game will closely follow the journey of a girl who accidentally meets a fox. Then, when you go through the game screen, you will know more about them. Know more about their journey and why they need to go to that land. While solving puzzles and discovering the character’s journey, listening to it makes me interested in playing the game.

Valley of Stars Nonogram mod android 2

Download Valley of Stars mod – Puzzle and explore the beautiful journey.

The journey of the fox and the girl to the beautiful valley of stars that they only met by accident on the snowy mountain. The game’s puzzles will create an image of the story. Numbers are used to deciphering the mysterious lines. Search and put together the pictures you collect to complete the plot you seek. Levels and increasing difficulty make it difficult for you. Levels with 10×10, 15×15, 20×20 tile puzzles. Gradually get acquainted with the game Valley of Stars – Nonogram with different controls and puzzles. Use your brain to solve difficult and confusing learning puzzles. Assemble what you find to find a solution, and discover the story of breaking the island of Valley of Stars – Nonogram.

Valley of Stars Nonogram mod apk 2

Challenging puzzles

Nonogram is a puzzle game where the player must color the empty cells according to specific numbers. Completing the game’s puzzles will give you a piece of the story. Start learning how to touch buttons, and manipulate color cells. Each number will display in the cells that you need to color. Let’s color the same number of cells that the game has given. Each number will mean a group of cells that must be colored in a row. When there is a number, there must be at least one empty box between the numbers that appear. When multiple numbers appear, you must check their order first. The cells must be colored in the same order as the numbers.

Valley of Stars Nonogram mod apk free 2

The story of two characters

The game has built a good story, incredibly touching between a little girl and a fox. When solving a nonogram story, pieces with color pictures will appear for you. For example, a girl sat next to a warm fire with sleepy eyes heavy. She felt pain all over her body, feeling that she had bruised somewhere. But fortunately, she did not break any bones or sprained muscles. After waking up, she gradually recalled and recalled the memories. Not long ago, the girl entered this deep and dark forest. She hoped the compass could be helpful, but it kept spinning and couldn’t determine the direction. When it was dark, she heard strange sounds and met the fox. Their journey to the valley of the stars began here.

Valley of Stars Nonogram mod 1

Pictures of the story

Solve puzzles, and pictures will appear when you complete them. The mysterious images are confusing, but you will get a story if you put them together. The images of forests, mountains, hills, and animals, … around the characters appear. Match the pictures as if you were playing a jigsaw puzzle to create a story for yourself to discover. What will happen to the fox and the girl, and where will their journey take them?

Valley of Stars Nonogram mod android free 1

With challenging puzzles to entertain you with numbers and lines to manipulate, there are also stories behind each puzzle. You will be hooked on the game with puzzles and pictures of each puzzle to solve this thrilling story. Combined with pleasant musical sounds, magical images create a sense of comfort. The journeys all lead to something, and what are the foxes and the girl aiming for? Download Valley of Stars mod to solve the puzzles in the game and reach the stars safely.

Download Valley of Stars MOD APK (Unlimited moves) for Android

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