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Updated 15/04/2024 (11 hours ago)
NameMagic Blast: Mystery Puzzle APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Currency
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Magic Blast: Mystery Puzzle

Test your puzzles with exciting magical puzzles in Magic Blast: Mystery Puzzle. You will begin your journey in the magical world with mysterious puzzles. They are blocks infected by magic power and become strange in this world. And when entering the supernatural world, you will witness the massiveness of puzzles. Colour blocks will continuously appear for you to continue your magical puzzle journey. Hence the magic puzzles will go on endlessly to challenge everyone. Explore every level of magical puzzles inside the mysterious world with your puzzle-solving abilities.


You will be joining a world of witches but not using magic. These are magic puzzles that witches create to find potential people. Anyone who solves the magic puzzle will have access to mysterious powers. And the embodiment of magic in this world is randomly arranged colourful blocks. Witches have enchanted them and will spawn new blocks when destroyed. So this world has a lot of magic puzzle levels for everyone to compete in. Start your adventure in the magical world and match the magic blocks of the puzzle levels.

Magic Blast Mystery Puzzle mod

Download Magic Blast: Mystery Puzzle mod – Explore mysterious puzzle levels

The world of puzzles became even more mysterious when they were infected with magical powers. It was a mysterious energy that only so-called witches could control. And the puzzles of this world are created by the most talented wizards. So you will learn about the magic that appears when participating in solving puzzles. When you successfully match the blocks of colours, they will show you your inner strength. But the spell is potent, and it is not easy for everyone to solve puzzles that contain magic. Enter the land of magical powers and conquer those mysterious puzzle levels.

Magic Blast Mystery Puzzle android

Exciting adventure

You are still pursuing the goal of solving exciting puzzles of different worlds. And this time, you enter the magical world full of magic, and your puzzle journey has changed. Your puzzles now appear continuously thanks to a mysterious power. The coloured blocks you successfully connect will disappear, but new blocks will appear and take their place. And you discover that what affects your puzzles is the magical power of the world. It has influenced your puzzle journey and made it more interesting. Experience the feeling of solving puzzles through coloured blocks inside magic levels.

Magic Blast Mystery Puzzle apk

Magic symbol

The puzzles you participate in have been affected by magic, and you will see that as you explore. They are all colourful blocks and are created by witches using magical powers. Above those blocks are magic symbols, and they must be connected. This will help you release mysterious energy and learn the world’s magic. However, recognizing the magical symbols is only the first step in the puzzle process. You need to connect and collect all those blocks when solving the puzzle. Memorize every symbol on the magic blocks and conquer mysterious energy puzzles.

Magic Blast Mystery Puzzle free

Puzzle rewards

You decide where your next puzzle is in the world of magical powers. Although your task is still to solve puzzles containing coloured blocks, there is a difference. Those coloured blocks have been infected with the power of witches with the symbols above. You may see witches’ hats or magic wands. However, it would be best to connect those magic blocks successfully to unlock them. And when you solve puzzles, you will have access to magic and discover their mysteries. Show off your magic puzzles and open this mysterious power step by step.

Magic Blast Mystery Puzzle mod apk

Your puzzle quest has changed as you begin your journey in the new world. This is the world of magical powers; you will see them in puzzles. Inside there are magic blocks inscribed by the witch with magic symbols. All are characteristics of a wizarding world, and you must successfully solve puzzles to find out. Successful splicing will cause the blocks to explode and release magic for you to contact. And use your magic sense to complete the puzzle quest. Download Magic Blast: Mystery Puzzle mod to unleash mysterious powers in magic puzzles.

How to Download & Install Magic Blast: Mystery Puzzle MOD APK (Unlimited Currency) for Android


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