Wolf: The Evolution MOD APK (Menu, Free VIP/More meats) 1.96

Updated 04/10/2021 (3 years ago)
NameWolf: The Evolution APK
PublisherApp Holdings
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, Free VIP/More meats
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Wolf: The Evolution MOD APK detail?

Mod Menu

  • Free VIP
  • More Meats per Hunt

Introduce MOD APK Wolf: The Evolution

To know what an animal’s life is like, it’s better to incarnate into themselves. That would be perfectly sensible advice in the game Wolf: The Evolution. Do you have questions about the life of a wolf and its pack? Then this is a game that you must try. Wolf: The Evolution gives you control over an ecosystem of wolves. This way, you will know how their life goes from finding shelter, finding food, building a wolf’s society. Dominate and master all the land you are living in. Defeat other species for sole dominion in the remote land.

You can see the similarities between city building and social development games. But this time, the society we built is not for humans but wolves. This is a unique animal with many different branches. Your task is to collect species to create diversity. Then give them everything they need to make a living. The ordinary wolves will be treated as the people here. The rest are warriors responsible for protecting their village from outside enemies. Guaranteed to be as attractive and exciting as a rising human society.

Wolf The Evolution mod

Download Wolf: The Evolution mod – Create a unique wolf society

You will learn about the society of different wolf species. By building them places to stay on a large map. This will make you think of a lot of city-building games that have been released before. But certainly Wolf: The Evolution will be a lot different because this is a society about wolves. All things like shelter, food, way of living and fighting will be much other. So this will be a very unique and exciting experience. We will also have to see how wolves fight to protect their dens…

Search for resources by completing quests. Take your wolves through many different adventures in search of the right place. Also, level up all wolves present in your village. This way, you can create many necessary elements to develop a town for wolves, despite having completely different living characteristics from humans. This is still an enjoyable experience that is hard to forget.

Wolf The Evolution mod free

Create a helpful wolf dimension

All will be living together, so the necessary elements must be met for them to live in harmony. You can create many species of wolves from the spawn system. From there, develop species with a particular function to develop the village. As common as the Alpha species, they were the outstanding leaders of the town. Or the Betas act as a strong bodyguard. Wolves are real killers in battle, so make them a priority. The Brilliantas don’t have any strength, but in return they have the ability to heal. Well suited on the long-term battlefield. Take the time to learn and exploit each of their powers.

Wolf The Evolution mod apk free

Exchange with other villages

Wolf: The Evolution is an online game so players can connect with many people around the world. The first thing you need to do if you want to play perfectly makes friends with other people. They also own a wolf village of their own. Having an extra companion will make the village development process a lot easier. You are even allowed to borrow mighty warriors from your friends and add to the battle squad at certain levels. Friends are an essential factor contributing to making you stronger. Do not miss the opportunity to make friends in the game to increase your strength.

Wolf The Evolution mod apk

Grow stronger warriors

Even if you collect many wolf warriors without increasing your strength, it will be difficult on the battlefield. The upgrade system allows you to level up wolves with materials contained in battle. Each material represents a different species. If there are two wolves of the same type, you can merge them to create another stronger and higher-level one. This wolf hybrid activity happens almost continuously in the game. Players always look to their luck to make a wolf warrior with solid stats. Will you also join to challenge yourself? Of course, it still depends on tactics and other factors.

Wolf The Evolution free

Create your unique wolf village. Collect hundreds of wolf warriors for long battles. Wolf: The Evolution mod is an extremely attractive strategy game as well as management and social construction. Join us to surprise others with your creativity and tactics.

How to Download & Install Wolf: The Evolution MOD APK (Menu, Free VIP/More meats) for Android


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