Who is Alien MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Coin) 1.0.6

Updated 18/09/2023 (2 weeks ago)
NameWho is Alien APK
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited Coin
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce Who is Alien MOD APK

Who is Alien MOD APK challenges the ability to find aliens infiltrating the world. When you start exploring, your mission is to find out who has broken into the human world. They can discover Earth because humans are constantly sending signals out into space. So, they used human form and made incursions into the world. But they entered to find out the ultimate secrets that humanity holds. And it would be best if you found them before the alien monsters achieve their goal. Embark on quests to find and destroy foreign invaders in your world.

You will begin missions to explore a mysterious world and find the saboteur. They are space aliens and invade the world with evil goals. So, you must hunt down and use weapons to destroy them successfully. However, using the necessary equipment to find the impostor would be best. And when you identify them, you must quickly kill them to protect yourself and those around you. Then, you will prevent aliens from entering human society. Prepare for the challenge of finding and defeating invading creatures from outer space.

Who is Alien mod

Download Who is Alien MOD APK – Identify and destroy space creatures masquerading as humans on Earth

You will embark on thrilling adventures to find the impostor. And where you take those journeys is in the world where you live. The target you are looking for is alien invaders in human form. So you will not be able to detect their whereabouts with normal eyes. And to face this difficulty, you will hold special human devices. They will scan anyone suspicious and will reveal the alien’s proper form. Conquer challenges to find foreign invaders and destroy them for the world.

Who is Alien apk

Look for imposters

Your journey to find the alien impostors has begun. They successfully infiltrated the world and used human form to move around. So, you will use devices that scan people to look for suspects. And you must not ignore anyone because they can transform into your loved ones. Or they will also turn into pets or objects arranged around you. Therefore, you must be wary of everything if you have not scanned them. Use special equipment to search and successfully find aliens in Who is Alien MOD APK.

Who is Alien mod apk

Arrest the invaders

You must ensure everyone’s safety while searching for outsiders. They can transform into humans and any items they see. Therefore, the special equipment you own will be beneficial in your search journeys. Besides finding them, you need to destroy them to prevent evil plans. And you will carry state-of-the-art guns so you can shoot and capture aliens. But if you can’t catch them, you can shoot them down so they can’t escape. Unlock different weapons and use them in your mission to capture the impostors.

Who is Alien free

Reveal stories

Aliens will not invade the human world for no reason at all. So, you will be the one to take on the task of discovering the stories behind the intrusion event. During the raids, you found the impostors and arrested them. You can then mine the information and figure out what they’re doing. Behind that may be more complex stories that they are hiding. Or you can find the connection between them and make scanning easier. Discover stories related to aliens on your journey to find them.

Who is Alien android

You will scan the people around you to find the impostor. And with a particular device, you will see they are invaders from outer space. Even though we don’t know their goal, the world’s safety still comes first. So after finding them, you need to use weapons to shoot them down to detain them. And the next thing you must do is look for connections between aliens. This helps you learn the complicated stories behind their intrusion. Download Who is Alien MOD APK to show off your abilities in missions to hunt down impostors.

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