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Updated on 17/11/2022 (3 months ago)
NameWarplane Inc APK
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SupportAndroid 4.4+
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When war happens, we have to do whatever it takes to win. Do not hesitate to use any tricks no matter how cruel. With Warplane Inc’s planes, nothing is impossible. Are you ready to drive these destructive machines around? The bombing left cities in ruins. End the war with tough military actions.

Warplane Inc is set in the dark setting of the brutal second world war. Created by old classic Arcade images. But remade with a slightly more modern style. The movements of the game are extremely smooth, creating a feeling of hands. There are only two main colors black and white. But speak to the cruelty of this enormous war. Quick and neat air raids combined with rhythmic marching music. Gives you a thrilling feeling when fighting in the high sky.

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Download Warplane Inc mod – Destroy enemy defenses by plane

Opening the war will be the selection of aircraft for you. Find yourself a friend that you feel most comfortable with and start flying. You will be playing a very detailed tutorial, helping you get acquainted with the control system. Aircraft parameters such as fuel, speed, and altitude are displayed in the left corner. Based on that, you can understand the situation as well as give appropriate treatment. Control the plane to destroy defensive towers or anti-aircraft cannons. These will be on the ground and you can shoot them. Create attractive air raids with your fighting ability. Don’t get destroyed by the enemy and lose.

Warplane Inc mod free

The techniques to control the aircraft are extremely important. If you do not grasp it well, you will not be able to fight at your best. Make sure you understand how to land safely. Point the nose of the aircraft upwards as the descent begins. Keep the plane very balanced in the air to avoid crashing. How to avoid enemy fire optimally. Don’t overlook anything important in combat.

Own amazing planes

For the Air Force, choosing a suitable aircraft is extremely important. Dozens of World War II planes were brought here. With a full range of different types and colors for you to choose from. I believe that with your hobby, you will quickly fall in love with one. It must be remembered that not all aircraft are the same in terms of specifications. When you look closely, they are completely different. In terms of speed, altitude, or the fuel tank of each one. And for each of these types, you need a separate battle strategy. Find out how to win the war with these machines.

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Power upgrading

If you want your aircraft to operate more smoothly, you need to think about upgrading. Through each battle, you will receive a huge amount of salary. This money is used to buy aircraft and also to reinforce the aircraft. There are many parts that make up a complete machine. You can spend money to upgrade these parts. Each part will help promote more flying efficiency. Increases the base stats when fighting even higher. Support for easier and more effective control and combat. In my subjective opinion, you should focus on upgrading the things you really need. Avoid wasting too much money.

Warplane Inc mod apk free

Enemy bases

The enemy’s line of defense is very large, everywhere in the territory they are stationed. The battle locations will be divided into levels. Each time you receive a mission, you will be flown to new battlefields. If you look closely you will realize that they are occupying cities. Where there are people living there. Surrounding will be watchtowers with soldiers on guard. The anti-aircraft guns were lined up. The fortified bunkers were also the machine guns that continuously fired bullets. That is the threat and challenge of your mission. If you overcome these obstacles, you will deserve to be a talented soldier.

Warplane Inc mod apk

Don’t just fly over the fortified defenses and do nothing. Your plane is equipped with guns and bombs. Take advantage of these and start spreading fear right away. Drop bombs with precise destructive power. Fall and smash the enemy’s military weapons. Using a loaded gun, sweep everything there is on this earth. Come to Warplane Inc mod and become a great pilot of the army. Contributing to the glorious victory of the Allies.

Download Warplane Inc MOD APK (Free shopping) for Android

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