Dangerous Shelter MOD APK (Unlimited money) 2.9.0

Updated on 05/04/2023 (2 months ago)
NameDangerous Shelter APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Dangerous Shelter MOD APK Infomation

You can spend even if you don’t have enough money

Surely everyone has dreamed of being the main character in the novel they have read. A new living world with interesting things written by the author on the pages of the book. Here is a game that helps you become an important person in that story. The game tells a romantic love story called Dangerous Shelter. Explore the world as you decide your journey.

The game Dangerous Shelter attracts many female gamers because of the romantic plot with handsome male characters. Instead of reading a novel, players will enjoy vivid images manipulated through the phone screen. You will hesitate when choosing your answer crane. Let the characters in the game have the best view of the main character. A game is suitable for relaxing anytime, anywhere, bringing joy to those who experience this game.

Dangerous Shelter mod

Download Dangerous Shelter mod – Choose your love life

Dangerous Shelter is a dating simulation game where a love novel takes place when the player is the main character: Otome. Not just ordinary video games. This is a visual novel game, and vivid images are highly interactive. From the voice acting, the character creation is extremely meticulous, along with a series of sweet dialogues. The game’s light pace, contact, and encounter with many characters will make you enjoy.

The opening of Dangerous Shelter is set 10 years after a scientific research project goes out of control. The world is invaded by a dangerous virus. It turns all humans on contact into zombies. The main character is a girl named Zoey, who is lucky to survive the pandemic. To survive, she sought out a place called Shelter, together with new friends symbiotic together. Find a way to survive and start your romantic love story.

Dangerous Shelter mod android free

Characters with their own charms

Male characters with their own beauty and personality will appear in your life one after another. Damon possesses a solid appearance, an aggressive personality but has a warm heart. Matthew has the look of a scholar, always gentle, considerate, and affectionate. A special boy named Antoine has long, romantic, artistic hair that contains many thoughts. Finally, Ben, the youngest guy with an active personality, is always enthusiastic about helping people. Along the way, they will always appear to continue your story.

Dangerous Shelter mod free

Explore the new world

External factors are significant in Dangerous Shelter so that players have the right experience for all situations. Mainly romantic spaces for your love story to take place. However, it will still be indispensable for the gloom about the city that has been destroyed by zombies. Explore all the surrounding elements, collect items to continue the journey. A new life surrounded by the boys. Who to choose will depend on your own decision.

Dangerous Shelter mod android

Fashion in the event

According to the progression in the game, the main character’s costume will be changed to match the context in the story. There are more than 37 outfits for you to decorate yourself to look beautiful. The sympathy points from the guys are also increased with your stunning beauty. Join parties, dates, etc., to unlock more new outfits. All eyes will focus on the confident protagonist to have the most romantic moments.

Collect love stories

Since Dangerous Shelter is a role-playing game, the progression of the story will depend on the player. It would help if you found a way to mine to unlock new stages. Along with that, meet many new characters. Events are held regularly so that everyone can increase intimacy. The more you interact, the more situations appear. Live for 180 days with the guys you get to hang out with. When completing its story, the final moment will have a happy ending or receive bitter sadness. All are waiting for players to experience life here.

Dangerous Shelter mod free free

Dangerous Shelter mod game will take you to a world full of thrilling romance, with a unique plot combined in a new situation, developing the journey that players can hardly predict. Interact a lot with the boys the main character meets. Unlock many new scenes. There are more than 20 different endings in this wonderful love story. You will be able to step into this world that includes elements of fear mixed with romantic love. Try to experience this game right now. To write up my story in the most honest way!

Download Dangerous Shelter MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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