Idle Recycle MOD APK (More money, Unlimited build) 0.2.8

Updated 22/11/2022 (1 year ago)
NameIdle Recycle APK
PublisherPlaySide Studios
MOD FeaturesMore money, Unlimited build
SupportAndroid 8.0+
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Idle Recycle MOD APK Information


Introduce MOD APK Idle Recycle

A game that simulates the process of recycling waste in life is called Idle Recycle. Become a garbage collector across the city in a striking orange janitor suit. From the first steps on the road to build a company specializing in recycling the terrible waste in the city. The characters in Idle Recycle are designed in the style of square corners like lego models. Diverse and eye-catching colors attract the eyes of the online gaming community. The game circuit is quite downstream and slow. To increase the speed, it is necessary to upgrade and hire thousands of additional workers. Let them work and set up a waste recycling company with hundreds of thousands of workers.

Currently, the world is flooded with human-made waste. This has become a global problem, and bringing this issue constitutes a game. It helps to educate people’s thoughts right from the youngest children. The work takes place over a large neighborhood. The houses are separated from each other by walls made of plants. The recycling process takes place in several stages. People will gather garbage at the door of the house. Packed in different colored bags. Then your company’s garbage truck will go on the asphalt road stretching through the gates of the buildings. The car is yellow, and behind the car are four different classified trash cans.

Idle Recycle android

Download Idle Recycle mod – A waste recycling company with thousands of people under your control.

After being collected in a recycling truck, these bags are collected at a landfill. There are also containers that carry recyclable waste collected from other countries. This gathering yard has a large yellow yard surrounded by interconnected wooden fences. The open containers with all kinds of colors: blue, orange, green, … The pile of garbage is described as stinking with clusters of green, black gas rising. Here there is an NPC guide wearing a green vest. Inside is a blue long sleeve shirt. The NPC’s hand holds a loudspeaker to announce and exchange things to do with the player.

System expansion

Because Idle Recycle is a level game from simple to complex, your first steps are to collect the garbage inside the city and put it on the conversion chain. After the garbage collected by the player is recycled and can be traded for money. Collect green dollar coins and hexagonal rubies. There are also quests to unlock these machines. The high-tech chain requires a not-so-small dollar amount. The garbage bags are packed in green boxes. Then follow the vertical line on the ceiling to reach the first recycling area, and go through several steps.

Idle Recycle mod apk

Factory Upgrade

After opening certain recycling machines and areas. Bottle recycling area, with green boxes and red necklaces. The main chain of recycling cups and glasses is blue with a chain that changes color from yellow-orange. The chemical recycling chain is yellow mixed with blue. And there are many more chains of recycling chains if the player can unlock them all. Then just long press on the area you want to upgrade. Click on the upgrade station button with the typical symbol of recycling. This button is green and shows the dollar amount the player has to spend in an upgrade. After the upgrade is done, each area will generate money over time.

Idle Recycle apk free

Buy more cars and workers

Opening the input, the default number of cars in each area is only certain. The landfill area has only one dump truck, the recycling vehicle has only one truck with a green bin behind it. But when the player has a lot of money, the garbage piles up. Need to speed up recycling by buying more vehicles for these jobs. In addition, in each factory area, there are workers who study the process of recycling products. Adding more money to hire workers helps speed this process up. Players must understand that the faster the speed, the faster the money will come to them. This is a proportional process in your favor.

Idle Recycle mod

In addition to the money collected through the above work, there are also lucky boxes that are given daily or during events. Or even in the trash bags there are interesting gift boxes. The gift boxes are made of silver or gold surrounded by glitter. Sealed with yellow or blue recycled paper. When completing a task or achieving certain achievements, you can earn more money. Download the Idle Recycle mod to recycle citywide waste and build an epic recycling company.

How to Download & Install Idle Recycle MOD APK (More money, Unlimited build) for Android


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