EZ Knight MOD APK (MEGAMOD/Damage, defense multipliers) 1.6.1

Updated on 30/12/2022 (3 months ago)
NameEZ Knight APK
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMEGAMOD/Damage, defense multipliers
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
EZ Knight MOD APK Infomation
  1. Character Stats:
    • Damage Multiplier
    • Defense multiplier
    • Health Multiplier
    • Dodge multiplier
  2. Monsters and Boss:
    • Weak Monsters
    • Boss is weak
    • Skill Multi-Unit
  3. Supported Feature:
    • Remote Attack
    • Open speed x3
    • Auto fight the boss

EZ Knight is a game that will immerse you in the battles of the great hero. Ready to destroy all those who bring disaster to the world. Transform into knights with shiny armour and sharp weapons. Use your abilities to take on the most difficult challenges. Defend the peace and write your name in history with uncountable incredible feats. Eliminate idle time with this game now.

EZ Knight is a product from a highly famous developer that is LTGAMS GLOBAL. The game is built in a role-playing style with stunning animated 3D graphics. But not only graphics is the strength, but its features are also many. Allows people to learn more new things. The operations are simplified so that the player does not need to control too much. Comfortable entertainment without any significant pressure is created.

EZ Knight mod

Download EZ Knight mod – Become a knight and fight for glory

You are a knight with enormous potential power hidden within you. Your special mission is to fight all the enemies of the kingdom. Destroy the ancient creatures that are causing many disasters and receive valuable rewards. When participating in challenges, the hero will automatically find his way to the enemy. All attacks will be performed continuously except for using skills. You can activate this combat skill yourself at any time. It will give the knight the ability to strengthen and destroy his target. After all, you are defeated and reach the finish line, and the reward will be given out.

If you want, the heroes can completely automate everything from upgrading skills to self-regulating your squad. So even if you have AFK, it is still possible to collect a lot of loot. Your idleness is not wasted taking advantage of this feature.

EZ Knight mod free

Hundreds of characters

The kingdom’s warriors have a vast number for you to recruit on your team. Each of them will have their particular fighting styles and skills. Their power is ranked according to each person’s colour and the number of stars. The weakest is white, then green, blue, and the strongest is purple. The increased number of stars means that they receive a large amount of power. To do this, however, the required amount of money is needed. Summon new heroes by opening mysterious chests in the shop. Your chances of getting powerful characters will be pretty high.

EZ Knight mod apk

Forging equipment

To be able to face significant challenges, heroes need to become stronger. It’s not enough to level up, but new weapons must be added. You can ultimately forge these so that your heroes are optimized for everything. These items will include weapons, armour, helmets, and jewellery. When developing, you need to have enough materials of the rarity that it requires. Materials with high monsters will easily create high-level equipment. In addition, you can also collect this equipment by challenging bosses or participating insignificant events. Note to find the right items for your hero.

EZ Knight mod apk free

Brain training

The average levels may not be challenging for you, but the significant challenges do. To overcome, you need to have a strong enough squad. Not only that, the characters need to link and coordinate with each other. Let’s balance the elements between characters with support and combat abilities. The purpose of this is to ensure the team’s durability when receiving damage from the enemy. However, there are many other types of strategies you can implement. They may or may not work, depending on the opponent you have to face. You may be surprised at what your knights can do against your opponents.

EZ Knight mod android

Join the guild

Do not become lonely because then your development path will not be easy. Find a clan for yourself or create a family to recruit members. Clan members can help each other grow by giving gifts every day. Accompany each other in high difficulty clones to collect rewards. Challenge other clans to achieve higher rankings on the global leaderboard. Let EZ Knight mod take you on the path to become the strongest knight.

Download EZ Knight MOD APK (MEGAMOD/Damage, defense multipliers) for Android

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