Moonlighter MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.13.57

Updated 25/02/2024 (1 week ago)
NameMoonlighter APK
Publisher11 bit studios
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
SupportAndroid 7.0+
Get it onGoogle Play

Please install the official version on Google Play. Download link is deleted at the request of the publisher.Google Play

Introduce MOD APK Moonlighter

Adventurers await their journey in Moonlighter with many valuables. They are not afraid of difficulties in achieving their goals. Each trip gives them delightful and productive experiences. Create for all a stable job with high business nature. Turn precious things into your endless source of money. All dimensions will gradually be completely conquered. Continue until all will have to be discovered. There is no room for delay because otherwise, it is straightforward to be taken away by those who are faster than you.

An action and business game will make you a lot more interesting. Moonlighter is also in an emerging but top-rated school. Players who like a unique fantasy world have been satisfied. From the look to the style, it’s pretty much classic. We still feel a depth of action. Features in the game are also quite a lot and can hardly make you bored. Join to learn more about the benefits you can get. If you stick with it for a long time, you may not take your eyes off it.

Moonlighter mod

Download Moonlighter mod – Do adventurer’s work.

A mysterious portal has been opened after a non-stop excavation. This portal leads us to different worlds. Those are places whose resources have never been fully explored. You will take your main character to where he needs to be. Then do the assigned tasks to receive gifts. After doing these tasks, you will be able to unlock the shop. You also need to run this shop to earn more harvest. This will be a good model for you to advance continuously. Find good gear for yourself and face all threats. You are not afraid of anyone because that is not a significant hindrance.

Harvest the spoils

The harvest of the spoils is an absolute necessity for us while adventuring. Activities that can produce these include monster slaying. When defeated, monsters will randomly drop different items. Besides, there is a small amount of money for you to accumulate for yourself. Hunting bosses is a more complex way to get rare items. You can also obtain many things located in large chests. Treasure chests give random stuff you can use. Keep the best equipment for yourself to increase strength. Help you conquer other dimensions more persistently.

Moonlighter mod free

Sell and profit

What can the things you don’t need be used for? It will be sold to other customers and adventurers. You can transact directly through your store in less than seconds. The more we hunt, the more money we get. We will also use the money earned to upgrade the shop. Help it have a more excellent interface and be more convenient for trading. Making your idle money also becomes more straightforward. We could own a relatively stable amount of money to get richer and more prosperous. Being a boss is only secondary; the main task is still to explore the world.

Moonlighter mod apk

The same equipment can ultimately be used for more meaningful purposes. That is to combine them to produce an item one level higher. This is an easier way for us to receive something precious. When we connect, we can get some additional benefits. Combine the items you hunt to create more powerful things. Raise your fighting power to the terrifying level in the Moonlighter mod.

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