Viking Gods MOD APK 1.1.2 (Unlimited money)

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NameViking Gods APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
MOD Infomation

1. Menu
2. Unlimited Currency
– Increase instead of decrease
– Some currency can use even when not enough ( e.g you can just buy chests from shop )

*Game might stuck at certain point. Restart game without enabling mod temporarily.

Member domt said:
“Got stuck at odin quest. They said they wanna consult Odin but I can’t click anything, neither does the game go anywhere”

The mighty gods of the Viking Gods certainly cannot avoid disaster. But they can prevent that if they put in enough effort. The sunset of the gods will no longer be too much of a threat to us. Instead, lead them against threats that can create destruction. Please don’t allow the enemy to carry out his evil schemes. Explore nine vast realms with their inhabitants. You can be the leader of the gods to a whole new future.

We don’t always have too much time to play games comfortably. But there are still a few good options to satisfy our pleasure. Look no further than a fantastic idle game like Viking Gods. You can become great gods with terrible powers. Build your empire with well-trained warriors. Reach out to the new potential we long for. Explore the whole primitive world with the most exciting things ever.

Viking Gods mod

Download Viking Gods mod – Stop the apocalypse of the gods

The reign of the 9th most powerful race in the world is gradually approaching destruction as prophesied. But it is impossible to sit idly by and wait for this destruction to occur. Someone has to step up and reorganize their management system. We start by building the weapon forging room to have good combat tools. Then recruit the gods and help them train in the gym with created enemies. When they are strong enough, they can participate in big wars everywhere. Gain experience to level up and unlock new battle rooms. You can rule everything quickly when the whole world is at peace.

Upgrade the rooms

The rooms in the palace will play an essential role in helping the gods. It can train combat skills and help them level up their strength. Weapon production also contributes a lot to providing powerful offensive capabilities. These weapons can help gods more capable of fighting enemies than themselves. Some rooms help produce a lot of coins for you. Quickly get a lot of great resources. From there, buy more good equipment along with summoning gods. Becoming wealthy and possessing great power, no end of the world can stop us.

Viking Gods mod free

Captivating story

The gods will travel across the nine worlds searching for truth and precious treasures. They will receive quests from the guidance of the noble goddess Freya. From there, they find a way to rebuild Asgard, destroyed after terrible wars. These conversations will tell us more interesting information. Completing story chapters also yields mysterious chests. Open can get a lot of coins and experience. Each land is a world that contributes to the universe’s operation and life. Some can be very beautiful and bring peace to all of us. Some are like hell with bloodthirsty demons waiting.

Viking Gods mod apk

Quests and rewards

Not only rely on making idle money, but you also need tasks to increase your income. These quests will have a reward proportional to their difficulty. It can contain gold, upgrade materials, or items that you need. Accelerate your training of existing warriors. Thanks to that, your journey to conquer the nine realms is going more smoothly in Viking Gods mod.

Download Viking Gods MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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