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Updated 03/10/2023 (10 months ago)
NameHidden Folks APK
PublisherAdriaan de Jongh
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SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Hidden Folks

Hidden Folks is a casual entertainment game with the task of finding your friends hiding in any part of the world. You work with miniatures to discover your friend. Small people, dense and dense scenes make you dizzy because of the difficulty. The game seems easy, but no, you struggle in a mess to see what you want. You will rescue your friend, the Hidden object Folks requires in each level, flipping around to reveal them. The goals that need to be shown will be more and more, requiring your sharp eyes, challenge yourself!

Hidden Folks sketches the scene with their own hands; everything is carefully drawn and detailed. You will get lost in the black and white world, fall into all situations, and the scene is flexibly disturbed. You are like a magnifying glass that looks at everything, flipping every corner to see the goal. Every day you revolve around in the sprawling places; the scenery lying next to each other is hard to find. There will be shadows of objects to be found in houses, huts, bushes, or some hidden corner. You get in there, flipping each puzzle piece to discover what is required. Your collection is increasing; a level where you need to get dozens of items is average.

Hidden Folks mod apk

Download Hidden Folks mod – find your friend hiding

You can do anything to find your friend. Went into each place, flipping everything over, taking a close look and recognizing a familiar silhouette. If you can predict the shape of the object you are looking for, you will quickly see where it is hiding. It will save more time when you try to flip everything. Just take a look at the whole picture, shape the appearance of objects or people, and then start looking for the place where that figure is hidden. Because the scene depicted through pencil strokes will challenge your eyes and brain, even the smallest detail has been recreated, adapted, and shaped to complete the challenge.

Hidden Folks android

Multiple areas to challenge you

Players will go through 32 levels with many different types of terrain. Hidden Folks has dedicatedly painted scenes that are both new and familiar. You can come across a small village, a row of modern urban apartments or an office. Both in the forest and under the sea appear, and the chaotic scene on the main road is also clearly reproduced. Hundreds of people and backgrounds are sketched in one location; you will be confused to see. It will not be easy to overcome this challenge, but it will train you to persevere, and your eye reflexes will be faster. Each terrain will be more complex at higher levels; conquer all maps of Hidden Folks.

Hidden Folks apk free

Diverse search goals

Hidden Folks will create hundreds of thousands of items and people for you to conquer. There are more than 300 targets to try; it is hiding in every nook and cranny. As required, you will search for them and find enough to complete the level. Sometimes it takes you an hour to find them, but sometimes it’s quick. All factors depend on the difficulty of each challenge; higher ranks require more. But when you complete this level, you will be excited and want to do more. A row of targets will appear in the bottom corner of the screen; observe their shape and start searching.

Hidden Folks apk

Everything is moving

During each search, you will interact with the sounds of the scene. Whispers, people are talking, animal calls. All make up a bustling scene, black and white images but not trivial. You communicate with your goals, discovering them in the most discreet of places. Every moment you flip it open, the sound of the object you touch will resound. The people in a scene also move, and you will find your friend in the crowd. At first glance, everyone looks the same, but you need to be sharp to recognize them. Friends, objects are waiting to be rescued by you; collect them as quickly as possible.

Hidden Folks mod

Hidden Folks brings moments of stress but is also quite interesting. Although it is a bit of a headache to find a small goal in the small world, everything seems to be piling up on top of each other. So you have to find a hole to get in and see your friend everywhere. Find exciting things; talking scenes will be much less tedious. You can also touch to know the suggestion if you feel too stuck, search forever but can’t find it. You can unlock the next level when you see the required amount. The following areas are still a mystery; explore all the game designed places. Download Hidden Folks mod, and search for required things in the tiny world.

How to Download & Install Hidden Folks APK for Android


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