Star Chef MOD APK (Unlocked items/High experience) 2.25.46

Updated 15/01/2023 (9 months ago)
NameStar Chef APK
MOD FeaturesUnlocked items/High experience
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce Star Chef MOD APK

Cooking games are no longer strange to all players. Surrounding is always surrounded by the aroma and the beauty in the arrangement of a certain dish. Along with that is a combination of stores that supply ingredients, can grow crops right next to their restaurant. It is impossible not to mention the name Star Chef, a game full of many elements that turn you into a real chef. Discover how life revolves around beautiful meals.

Welcome players to Star Chef, where the creation of a famous chef begins. Players will be able to invest everything themselves to make their restaurant known to everyone. Create dishes for guests who come here. Don’t let your customers down. Build unsurpassed popularity through your dishes. Expand your restaurant to get more diners to enjoy. Your business will grow day by day.

Star Chef mod mod

Download Star Chef mod – Rich cuisine restaurant for your own

The first step towards success is growing from an amateur chef. After many efforts, the player will become a famous star chef. This is a long journey but not too difficult when you step into the game Star Chef. Manage the supply chain of the restaurant along with serving diverse dishes from countries around the world. Find yourself a place at the top of the cooking world. Put the restaurant of your choice on the top of the world. Make many guests come back to enjoy your meal again and again.

In Star Chef, players will own a large kitchen with full amenities. There are more than 150 dishes from every country in the world about to be revealed. Each character will take on different roles in terms of cooking style. If you want to have a dish according to your taste, you need to find the staff in charge of that part. From savory dishes, premium dishes to vegetarian dishes or sweets are available in your restaurant. Hire and manage staff in your kitchen. Follow the menu to complete the dishes quickly.

Star Chef mod

Quality food source

To have a delicious dish that attracts everyone, the ingredients must always be the freshest. Therefore, in the game Star Chef, players can grow vegetables and fruits in the restaurant’s back garden. There is a gardener Hector to help you take care of the plants you require. Harvest results after a period of time. Self-sufficiency in ingredients will reduce the cost of buying food from outside. Fill your cupboards with the freshest ingredients.

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Decorate to your taste

Don’t forget to decorate your restaurant. There are countless items with different styles that create a luxurious and aristocratic beauty. The more you unlock, the more choices you will have for yourself. Starting from expanding the area, put more tables and chairs so that no one has to wait. Then decorate with more lights, pots, fish tanks…   Next is in your kitchen, where you work the most. Add cooking utensils, clocks, dish racks… There’s a lot for you to explore and create decorations to your liking.

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Connect your friends

Do not play alone, but invite more friends to join the Star Chef. Talk to people, help each other. You can also visit the restaurants of your friends who join this game. Race to reach the highest level, unlock many new dishes. Fill your home menu with rich meals, many different tastes. Together, decorate the restaurant, turning this place into a bustling and vibrant city with lights. Immediately invite your close friends to experience this exciting game. The journey to becoming a culinary star is right in front of your eyes.

Star Chef mod android

Outstanding restaurant upgrade

As a manager for an entire restaurant, upgrading to improve everything in the kitchen is indispensable. The equipment and utensils you use in your restaurant need to be upgraded to improve the dishes. Each time you reach a new level, players will receive rewards that help you develop your kitchen with more new dishes. Don’t forget to build a separate kitchen for your new employee. Owning many talented chefs will help you have more income. Create a great service quality, fast, always satisfy every diner who enjoys great meals.

Star Chef mod free free

Cooking is an exciting job, best when it is a passion of yours. While making delicious food, running a restaurant can later become very famous. The Star Chef mod game will have to make you satisfied. Discover dishes from all over the world through a game. Experience life right around the kitchen and serve your diners.

How to Download & Install Star Chef MOD APK (Unlocked items/High experience) for Android

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