The Hotel Project MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Energy) 1.34.1

Updated 17/09/2023 (2 weeks ago)
NameThe Hotel Project APK
PublisherNext Epic
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited Energy
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce The Hotel Project MOD APK

When your artistic talent is good enough, the work in The Hotel Project will be easy. Of course, because these things are related to art. Your delicate eye will be the tool to make everything perfect. Not only that, but it also gives us a huge source of motivation. Turn old things into flawless works of art. Make them popular and help you make money from them too. Work is built on the passion and enthusiasm of each person. We should try to pursue it to achieve tremendous success.

The Hotel Project is a story that you will probably find very interesting. It brings a positive value towards a better-than-normal quality of life. The story of a witch and her journey to rebuild a luxury mansion. Offers fusion-style challenges. It’s not too tricky and straightforward to think smart. With this feature, you can comfortably complete your tasks at your own pace. Not too stressful when the game screen can be won. Make the most of your wisdom to make people admire you.

The Hotel Project mod

Download The Hotel Project mod – Restore the glory of the hotel

A girl named Sarah takes over an old hotel left by her grandfather. She needs to restore the hotel to its natural glory. But the mess in the room needs to be cleaned up for the hotel to be tidy. These cleaning operations will require you to find the right tools. Tools can be found by merging lower-level items. The items will be used to make the house complete. Overall you will get a perfect stay with more beautiful interiors. Everything will be perfect when you are done with your work. It is not easy for us to get a hotel like that.

Mystery story

The plot of The Hotel Project will be something that is not too difficult to understand and delves into the mysteries. Here players have dozens of tasks to solve in each chapter. Each chapter is also the stage in which the villa is developed. You will have to solve puzzles to find hidden truths. Not only that, we will completely own everything in the house. Quests allow us to upgrade our home—possibly decorating more valuable things you desire. Discover the accurate family background of the hotel’s former owner. You will be shocked by the information you find here.

The Hotel Project mod free

Communicate with people

The Hotel Project allows you to choose the quests that the characters themselves require. Each character is closely related to your life. Because of that, the missions they were given could be performed in separate locations. For example, they remodel a warehouse so the owner can store important things. Help create a large garden with lots of ornamental plants around. Create a beautiful living room with eye-catching furniture. People who come to your hotel are feeling the opposite. Let them enjoy the particular food you have prepared. Helping people is precisely what you want.

The Hotel Project mod apk

Relax and enjoy

Sometimes organizing parties is also an exciting factor for us to enjoy life. You can invite other characters to the hotel and prepare a special place to play. Present a variety of delicious dishes on the table. Decorate to make the surroundings even more beautiful. Everyone will happily enjoy what you do to have a better relationship in The Hotel Project mod.

How to Download & Install The Hotel Project MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Energy) for Android

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2. Click download and wait for the file to download to your device.
3. Install and enjoy


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