Drop The Number MOD APK (Unlimited money, boosters) 2.2.4

Updated 27/02/2024 (7 days ago)
NameDrop The Number APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, boosters
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Drop The Number

Let’s temporarily skip those dramatic action games. Instead, come to Drop The Number, a game for those who are tired and want to find something entertaining. An extremely smart choice when playing this game. There are no suspenseful battle scenes, just squares. Being arranged in a special order, it can be said that this is a problem. You are putting them together in the condition that the numbers of the two squares are the same. Feelings of pleasure are gradually appearing in your body. Say goodbye to fatigue after entering the game Drop The Number.

Other games can’t make you satisfy your passion. Whether it’s action or role-playing, it won’t cheer you up. Why not try Drop The Number, it is a game that has made the online community wobble. The content of this game is always something that attracts players. The feeling of joy will come to you immediately after solving the difficult problem. Although Drop The Number does not have the details like an action game. But with a certain source of magic, it made all players excited. Join Drop The Number to find the cause.

Drop The Number mod

Download Drop The Number mod – Solve difficult problems to find victory

The gameplay is simple by matching squares with the same number into one. Small numbers add up gradually, it’s like a math problem. How to put the squares together in the most reasonable way. The number will be increased over time, the difficulty also comes from that. Small numbers are easy to add and easy to see, but big numbers are a problem. But if you play in a simple way, just put the small points together and accumulate the big numbers in a corner. Then everything will be much easier to breathe. You can slowly enjoy the fun after each jigsaw puzzle.

Drop The Number mod free

There will be a lot of different games depending on your personality. You can make everything difficult on a single note and then puzzle everyone around you to solve. It’s also a pretty fun way to play, you’ll find a lot of fun there. In addition, when playing this Drop The Number game, everyone is aiming to break the record. High scores are always a milestone for everyone to climb. You are no exception. Conquering the challenge is the most interesting and the record numbers will increase day by day. Because of the increasing number of players, their skills also increased significantly.

Drop The Number mod android

Mythical Puzzles

How to arrange a huge number of points is a question that newcomers to Drop The Number always ask. To get a high score, you must constantly accumulate experience to create good moves. The path is full of invisible traps. It only shows up when you have taken the wrong step. So be careful with your every move. A small mistake will also lead to you losing, all your efforts will also fly away with it. The easiest way is to clearly see the numbers put them together to a certain point, put them aside, and continue to accumulate points.

Drop The Number mod download

Challenge with friends

It’s pointless if you keep failing like that, find a new way to play. You know it’s hard for you to break the record yourself, why not go find your brothers to challenge them. Call everyone in the class to spread the rules of the game to see who will accumulate the highest number of points will win. Then there are competitions between people. With the advantage of having played before many times, of course, it is not difficult to win a glorious victory. But sometimes you will still have to make mistakes because you are not a professional player. But that’s enough, those goals have brought you joy.

Drop The Number mod apk

A game that can be said to be perfect in every way. Let players feel happy through each battle. Feelings that are hard to describe if you are the one breaking the record. Surely it will become a pride for yourself. Conquering it is always a player’s dream. Download Drop The Number mod Step to the top through intellectual battles.

How to Download & Install Drop The Number MOD APK (Unlimited money, boosters) for Android


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