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Updated 02/12/2023 (1 week ago)
NameToon Blast APK
MOD FeaturesMenu, Auto win/Unlimited Event Items/Items no cost
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Toon Blast MOD APK Information

You need to install Bypass version complete the tutorial then install the mod to enjoy.

Introduce MOD APK Toon Blast

Are you smart enough to overcome everything and stand on top? Puzzles always make us use our intellect to solve them. Toon Blast is a game that will give you such challenges. Join hilarious cartoon friends on a magical journey. Overcome the most difficult obstacles to complete your goal. Cross the colorful lands with determination and limitless courage.

Mind games always contribute to the formation of personality for young adults. It is also a recreational tool to help relieve the stress in life. To do so, developer Peak had to use all his abilities to create Toon Blast. Bring colorful and pure colors with cute-shaped characters. This game will give you a hard time with cleverly arranged challenges. Requires players to think for themselves to be able to overcome difficulties.

Toon Blast mod free

Download Toon Blast mod – Let’s discover amazing and interesting things

If you’re worried because puzzle games often cause stress, don’t worry. Toon Blast will give you a simpler and easier view for you to progress gradually. Its gameplay is also not something too complicated. There will be squares of the same color that are placed together at random. You will select a tile in which to press and break these squares. Keep doing this until all are the same color. At that time, the game screen will end, and you will be the winner. Get valuable rewards and move on to the next challenges. You will progress more and more easily and train your mind more. In a game screen, you will only have a certain number of moves to complete the goal. Each operation to destroy the squares will count as one turn. If you use all the turns and still do not complete the level, you will lose. Make smart use of beneficial moves to destroy the most squares in one turn.


Toon Blast mod download

Enjoy the boost

Boosting items are very important to you during the gameplay. These will help you explore a lot of squares at once. These items take the form of a colorful ball, rocket, or bomb. Their destruction patterns will be different and will all benefit you more or less. The rockets will explode any cells it hits. The colorful ball will destroy all the existing tiles on the field. If you explore, any number of cells will be able to appear in these orbs. Missiles will be randomly arranged so you can take advantage of them. Just a few simple moves, and you can dominate everything.

Toon Blast mod apk

Collect items

Some levels will be added with some items for you to collect. These items are usually models of the people you are trapped in. By detonating and affecting these items, you can collect them. The collected items can be exchanged for precious gifts. The more you collect, the more gifts you have to exchange. The more valuable the items, the rarer you will be able to exchange them for. But to earn these, you have to be really smart. Don’t let valuable opportunities slip away with the wrong moves.

Toon Blast mod android

Get reward

Each level will have a maximum rating of three stars based on the number of times you use to destroy the squares. The less you consume, the higher your percentage and the more stars you keep. To do this, you need to optimize for your turns. When you get three stars, you will receive a valuable treasure chest. This treasure chest contains rewards such as coins or support items. All will be necessary for you in the next levels. The more you win, the more beneficial things you get. Help develop yourself faster and can confidently fight continuously. A great feature to encourage people to play more.

The funny journey of friends seems like it will be extremely long. It will be divided into levels corresponding to the obstacles they encounter. The difficulty of the game screen will be gradually improved later and make it more difficult. There are more than 5000 levels for you to enjoy and conquer gradually slowly. What a terrible number for a puzzle game, isn’t it? So what are you waiting for without immediately downloading the Toon Blast mod to your device?

How to Download & Install Toon Blast MOD APK (Menu, Auto win/Unlimited Event Items/Items no cost) for Android


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Jim Ross
Jim Ross
1 year ago

How do you use auto clear/auto win

1 year ago

good afternoon,

i want to download toon blast but i notice the mod is 279mb.

when i click download i see that the mod is only 114mb.

after downloading the mod is only 108mb.

I find this very strange.

is this correct .

best regards Beatles62

1 year ago
Reply to  Thuỷ Dương

No problem,thnxs again