Underworld Office MOD APK (Unlimited tickets) 1.4.3

Updated 16/05/2024 (5 days ago)
NameUnderworld Office APK
PublisherBuff Studio
MOD FeaturesUnlimited tickets
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Underworld Office

There are many kinds of storytelling games on the market, you are too familiar and bored with them. So have you ever tried to play an interactive storytelling game like Underworld Office? A new genre that attracts players with the new gameplay. Roleplay as a young boy accidentally lost in the underworld and helped by a mysterious ghost. Through each chapter of the story, players will experience different emotional frames. Happiness is sad, suffocating, worry and suspense every second that passes.

As a new product, the Underworld Office was well received by players. The game was released and released by Buff Studio after the success of Seven Days. The main character in the game is Eugene – a boy, unfortunately, lost in another world. Fortunately, Eugene is saved by a mysterious spirit and asks him to work in the Underworld office in return. You will be on a mystical adventure with ghosts. The ghosts are weird, scary, but there are also cute, kind, and mature ghosts. This is really a very good, new and worthwhile game for us to experience immediately.

Underworld Office mod apk 2

Download Underworld Office mod – Office in the Underworld

Lost in a world, exposed to strange but equally lovable ghosts. Stories, meaningful lessons through the chapter, and many more. All of these things make the Underworld Office so special to the experience. Here, you will discover the story in your own way through each situation and task while playing. Download Underworld Office to explore the story in your own way! And do not hesitate to share the feeling of the game for everyone to know about that interesting story.

Lost in the Underworld

Role-playing in the game, you are a boy who is extremely interested in psychic phenomena. One day, you happen to get lost in a world you believe exists. While it is almost impossible to return to reality because of a monster attack, a mysterious ghost has saved you. In return, you have accepted a request to work at a Landlord office. After that, you will be exposed to and witnessed many different ghosts. There are ghosts that are extremely difficult and cranky, but there are also very kind and friendly ghosts.

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Join directly in the story

Unlike reading a regular story or novel, when playing Underworld Office you will be immersed in the storyline and build your own story. At the end of each chapter will be entirely up to you to choose your answer. Maybe a happy ending or vice versa. It’s all up to you, but if you want to change the ending, you can also go back and choose a different answer for yourself. Interact directly with the game by inbox and perform the task. Underworld Office is not just an existing script and does a good job. The game has puzzles that give players a fresh and exciting feeling.

Underworld Office apk 1

Ghosts are the ones who offer you a variety of quests. You need to complete those quests in order to return to the real world. During the adventure journey, you need to find lost objects. And then learn about the story behind it. Each chapter has its own stories, all of which make up a unified overall story sequence. Through each chapter you will collect objects, helping Eugene complete the collection. Every chapter has a very moving story behind it. Underworld Office has a total of 8 chapters, all of them are charismatic and interesting.

Underworld Office 1

Unique sound and graphics

Underworld Office uses a lot of videos and animated images. The images in the game are designed like a comic book, but not too fussy, but get a lot of love. The characters’ dialogue is displayed like the chat on Zalo. Sound in Underworld Office is very focused, it contributes to giving players more emotion. If you want a great experience, you should wear headphones while playing! So you will understand Eugene’s mood better and give yourself the best experience.

To be able to experience the game, you can download Underworld Office right away completely free. Or for a better experience from the game, you can also consider downloading the Underworld Office version. Opens new chapters. A genre of horror novel but the story is not stereotyped. Perform challenges, complete quests and answer quizzes. Thus making each person’s story will have a different end, no one is the same. Download and feel about Underworld Office from your standpoint now!

How to Download & Install Underworld Office MOD APK (Unlimited tickets) for Android


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