Merge Rune MOD APK 1.9 (Menu, God mode)

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NameMerge Rune APK
MOD FeaturesMenu, God mode
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Merge Rune is an adventure game. Players will transform into a mage to defeat slimes. A beautiful morning, when the little mage was sleeping soundly with her lovely cat. The slime king came with his minions, kidnapped the cat, and left a greeting. The little mage girl was unfortunate, but it was time to bring back the magic staff and the cat. The little mage will use her staff, summoning fireballs to fight. Besides, the player needs to help her collect a lot of magic stones to increase her strength. This will be a long, extremely difficult, arduous battle full of obstacles. Due to the number of minions, the slime king’s troops were numerous.

The game is an adventure full of challenges and obstacles. Players need to summon magic bags, inside quickly there are magic power stones. Combining two magical stones of the same level will create another more powerful stone. Just like that, two tiers 2 stones combined will create a tier 3 stone. Gamers must choose the right time to give the power stone to the mage. Because if she focused too much on upgrading runes, the mage would be defeated by the Slimes. Therefore, use the rock at the right time, and help the mage girl destroy the most enemies. Play Merge Rune to help the little mage defeat the slime army.

Merge Rune mod

Download Merge Rune mod – Defeat the evil Slime King

Possessing a unique gameplay, Merge Rune is expected to create a new experience. The mage girl’s cute kitten was taken by the slime king with a challenge. The player will now become a comrade, the magicians defeat the slimes. Open the bag of magic stones, combine them to create stones of enormous power. The higher the rune’s level, the more damage the mage girl will do. Moreover, gamers can help the young mage boost various stats. It is possible to upgrade her health, healing ability, or increase the power of fireballs. Fight bravely because the cat is still waiting.

Merge Rune apk free

New gameplay

The mage is the one who directly uses the staff to create fireballs, destroying enemies. On the screen, there will be a summoning ball, which the player needs to touch to make the magic bags appear. Those bags contain level one runes, you need to combine two runes of the same level to create higher level runes. Combining two rune stones is also very simple, just drag this rune to the other rune. The higher the rune stone, the more devastating the explosive damage that destroys the enemy will become. And for that explosive damage, the player just needs to drag the stone to the mage’s position. Initially, only six bags of magic stones will be generated, but that number will increase with the number of levels. In addition, players can use gold after killing slimes, buy high-level stones to attack.

Merge Rune android

Countless magic stones

Magic stones are a key tool in the process of upgrading and destroying enemies. That is also the reason why these ancient rune stones are noticed by game makers. The stones of different levels have different shapes, colors and rune characters. The level one stone is green, the second level rune stone gives me the blue color of the sky. The level five stone is purple with the rune letter M like the letter. As for the level eight stone, it will have a square golden color with the rune character like the letter P. The higher the level of the stone, the shape and color will also change. more eyes, and of course, more power. Level magic stone up to level 50, waiting for players to explore.

Merge Rune apk

Upgrades in the form of

Besides using magic stones, game makers have also created many upgrade mechanisms. These upgraded stats combined with the power of runes will bring maximum attack efficiency. Specifically, in Merge Rune, players can upgrade up to six stats of the mage. The first stat helps increase health, followed by increasing the healing stat, helping the character fight for a long time. In addition, the player can power-up to increase the damage of each fireball to the slime. Along with great damage, there is also attack speed, players can upgrade, increase the speed of skills. It is also possible to upgrade the spawn rate of two magic stones in the same bag. You are wondering, so how to upgrade those stats right? You can all use the gold you get after killing slimes, to increase your strength.

Merge Rune mod apk

This is an adventure game with a quite unique and novel way of playing. Players will accompany the mage girl on the way to destroy the slimes to bring back the cat. Summon a lot of magic stones, and upgrade them to the highest level. Download the Merge Rune mod to upgrade the runes, defeat the evil slime horde and bring the cat back to safety.

Download Merge Rune MOD APK (Menu, God mode) for Android

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