Trucker Real Wheels – Simulator MOD APK (Unlimited money) 4.13.0

Updated on 21/01/2023 (5 months ago)
NameTrucker Real Wheels – Simulator APK
PublisherFeofun Limited
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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The job of a trucker is not that simple. Try Trucker Real Wheels – Simulator to better understand if you don’t believe it. Driving a huge vehicle for transporting goods requires truly outstanding skill. If you accidentally damage or lose the goods in transit, you will be in big trouble. And you know what, truckers have to deal with every day. Then what excellent skills did they possess. To own a super large vehicle with many goods takes a lot of time. However, Trucker Real Wheels – Simulator will make it a little easier. You will still feel the hard work of this profession.

The goal that Trucker Real Wheels – Simulator requires you to complete is to learn the most skillful way of driving a cargo truck. Through many practical exercises related to moving and transporting goods, know-how complicated the process of transporting goods is. The game also evaluates your skills based on how well you overcome the problem. Use any tools and skills learned to solve problems intelligently. Complete tasks in a fast and efficient way. Drive a cargo truck through the most dangerous terrains.

Trucker Real Wheels Simulator mod

Download Trucker Real Wheels – Simulator mod – Transport goods by large trucks

The process of players learning how to control trucks is not simply learning to drive them. You will undergo a training course and learn about the construction of a truck. This is intended for future work when you want to replace parts on a truck. After learning, it’s time to start learning to drive. Rest assured, you only need to drive on a 2D screen, so it’s not too complicated. However, in the process of training, there will be many obstacles. Typical is the rough and uneven terrain. That’s when you have to try to keep your balance and overcome it all.

The truck control system is super minimalist to suit gamers. We have four systems to get the car up and running. Including the gearshift lever, N20 nitro pump, the rear trunk lifting and lowering system, the last and most important is a gas pedal and a brake pedal. When travelling on the road, you only need to use 3 of those four systems. When completing the delivery of goods to the required location, we use the lifting and lowering system of the truck. Truck control has been minimized everything to the maximum. Now is the time to start your first trip.

Trucker Real Wheels Simulator mod apk

Vehicle parts replacement

The later, the more complicated your shipping task will be. Therefore, it is impossible to ignore the truck upgrade. Every time you complete a task, you will be rewarded for that process. An amount enough to retrofit some of the latest engines. Replace wheels when they are prepared old and damaged. They also help the car move more comfortably on many difficult roads. Change the bonnets and paint them to make them stand out. To have a variety of goods, expand the rear trunk to accommodate all of them. Changing parts of the truck will take place continuously across tasks. No quest is the same as any other.

Trucker Real Wheels Simulator mod apk free

Wide variety of goods

Your truck is so versatile that it can carry various goods. That’s why you get a lot of transport missions in many places. From transporting coal, large wooden panels, building bricks. Up to many bigger things like a few cars construction vehicles. There is even a mission that requires you to transport a large house. Such challenges are to test your ability level. And if the terrain in those missions is flat, then nothing special. Areas with rough rocks and steep slopes are the most dangerous enemies. You have to combine it with adjusting the speed and taking advantage of the right moment.

Trucker Real Wheels Simulator mod free

Cross-terrain transportation

Your transport duties are scattered across 30 factories. Each factory is built on particular terrain. You will have to transport through a forest, empty fields, rugged hills, deserts and even heavy snow areas. Each such location possesses a lot of dangerous terrains. Wheels can be damaged when going through many rocky roads. The truck will sink deeply if stopped in the snow for too long. The challenges will have greater rewards as the difficulty increases to be worth your effort. It can be challenging and arduous, but it is attractive and motivates players to perform. Successfully shipped items to receive worthy rewards.

Trucker Real Wheels Simulator free

That said, the job of freight drivers has never been easy. Overcoming many rugged terrains in a variety of extreme climate conditions. Always ensure that shipping orders are entirely intact. Trucker Real Wheels – Simulator mod will help you understand that difficulty and motivate you to try to complete the assigned task.

Download Trucker Real Wheels – Simulator MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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