Tap Tap Dig 2 MOD APK (Unlimited money) 0.6.0

Updated on 18/12/2022 (6 months ago)
NameTap Tap Dig 2 APK
PublisherIron Horse Games LLC
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Welcome back to the sequel to the super fun digging game. Tap Tap Dig, after a long absence, has released a fascinating sequel. And it’s not just about meeting fan expectations. This resource mining and gathering game will give players the most interesting and funny feelings. About digging into the familiar Earth’s core to find interesting things behind it. For everyone, if they like, they can play Tap Tap Dig 2 right from the first time. It is not necessary to experience part 1 to receive more valuable improvements.

Retain what was considered the core of the previous version. Tap Tap Dig 2 will still talk about the most dangerous mission and mission. It is a journey to dig deep into the Earth’s core. Not only finding the final goal, but the things you find during the digging process will also be extremely surprising. And you can also join the fun with other members. To become the most famous mining and exploration team. You can also explore the level with multiple phones in Repair Master 3D.

Tap Tap Dig 2 mod

Download Tap Tap Dig 2 mod – Continue mining

With a simple push of a button, you can control your miners digging through rocks. That is not useless when it comes to shortening the distance to the center of the Earth. Even more amazing is to get more interesting items and minerals. Offer a large amount of money to invest in your project. The deeper you dig, the higher the rate of obtaining items will be. You will then upgrade many other interesting mechanics in the game to help more in the future.

The miner from the beginning of the game won’t be the only one working with you. Unlock more new employees to get more work done faster and more efficiently. Each person will have a different price to rent. Depending on the strength and productivity they do compare to others. This is no longer a solitary adventure, but the work of the most powerful team. The thing that determines everyone’s merit will be the unexpected gifts buried deep under the rock. Just depend on your finger, dig to the bottom of the Earth’s core.

Tap Tap Dig 2 mod apk

Powerful support forces

Accompanying your finger are more than 12 different miners. As mentioned above, the productivity of each person will be very different. Depends on how much money it costs to hire them. Each person will have a position to freely dig layers of rock. Collected items will all be in your bag. Even more advanced are the benefactors who are always willing to spend their own money to support the project. The machines and equipment they provide will not be superfluous at all. The rest is the financial potential to upgrade the power of miners. As well as upgrading your advanced machines, the digging speed will be much faster and stronger.

Tap Tap Dig 2 mod apk free

Items that provide special effects

In such an infinitely deep excavation project, it is not difficult to see that the deeper you go, the thicker the soil layers. So you have to equip the miners with a lot of power to have a chance to reach the center of the Earth. Of course, the items will also vary greatly depending on who owns them. From a bone, a hammer, a lucky coin, a broom for antiques… Some will be closely related to the work of archaeologists. The rest will be some funny items that don’t even involve digging. Anyway, actively upgrade to create many interesting effects. Level up and power up the miners.

An indispensable familiar thing

Those are the skills and out-of-game mechanics of Tap Tap Dig 2. Since there’s not too much difference from the first part, almost all of the mechanics are kept. Especially the skill system to support in case you are too tired because of continuous operation. Automatically click the screen, increase the speed and number of screen touches. They will help you make money in your idle state like never before. Moreover, after returning to the game for a long time, usually a few hours. It is possible to get a lot of resources and bonuses while you are away.

Tap Tap Dig 2 mod mod

Not talking about inherent strengths and attractions like in the first part. Tap Tap Dig 2 has brought players more new and innovative special mechanics. New characters, new benefactors, equipment to terrain, and items are also very featured. Such an attractive game that is released completely for free. Tap Tap Dig 2 mod will be the best choice for you when you have free time and want to relax with many strange activities.

Download Tap Tap Dig 2 MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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