TRANSFORMERS: Earth Wars MOD APK (Menu, God mode/Damage multipliers)

Updated 13/04/2024 (1 month ago)
PublisherSpace Ape
MOD FeaturesMenu, God mode/Damage multipliers
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play
TRANSFORMERS: Earth Wars MOD APK detail?

MOD Menu
1. Attack Multiplier (x1 – x1000)
2. Defense Multiplier (x1 – x1000)
3. One Hit Kill
4. God Mode
5. Unlimited Skills
6. Deploy Bots Anywhere
7. Easy Win (Instant Win after deploy bots on map)
8. Working for PvE & PvP

Introduce MOD APK TRANSFORMERS: Earth Wars

Are you qualified to command the Transformers to fight to protect the Earth in TRANSFORMERS: Earth Wars? Many people have long known transformers through many attractive products. The most famous is probably through works on video games, movies, toys… Anywhere we can see transforming robots. When TRANSFORMERS: Earth Wars, it was received unquestionably positively. Because of bringing back the familiar icon and super robots. Combined with a completely new strategic element, it brings an entirely different experience to longtime fans. This time we will summon the most advanced machines to fight together.

Build a base to create a place to summon the most famous transforming robots. Reunite familiar characters and show off your unbeatable strategy. TRANSFORMERS: Earth Wars combines your command of the battle with the ultimate control of resources. Manage multiple forces of combat robots to attack enemy bases. Although this gameplay is not new, it is combined with the Transformers theme, so it is unique. The design of the characters will make you admire the detail and beauty. The battles with the pacing are pushed to different forms.


Download TRANSFORMERS: Earth Wars mod – Lead an army of transforming robots full of power

The player’s goal is to build a modern and large-scale Transformers base. This will be the place to develop modern technologies to produce the latest models of combat robots. Focus on developing the robot force and technology that brings breakthrough power. Use them to engage in battles with opponents in lands on Earth and outer space. The most attractive point is the gameplay of building and storing resources creating a robot army. You have to be patient in managing your resources. It is not possible to let them be in short supply at any time to increase the scale of construction.

Headquarters is where everything begins. This is the first building that appears when you start playing the game. This is the premise for building other buildings to build robots and collect resources. Every time you upgrade your headquarters, you will unlock more new content. It can be a building with character and breakthrough. Unlock new features to help improve the strength or design more for the base. The higher the headquarters level, the greater your power will be. So don’t hesitate, develop now.

TRANSFORMERS Earth Wars mod apk

High-tech robot development

The technology sector includes works that play a key role in robot production. This place will create a series of robot warriors that can fight. The most famous names of the Transformers franchise from Optimus Prime, Grimlock, Bumblebee will all appear in combat roles under your command. You can upgrade each robot warrior. Improve parts and upgrade weapons to higher technology. Equip them with unique skills and transformations. Their power is shown by the number of stars they have. The more powerful parts combined will significantly increase the power of the robot.

TRANSFORMERS Earth Wars mod apk free

Battlefield by number

You will not command your army of transforming robots on a single battlefield. The places to fight in TRANSFORMERS: Earth Wars stretch across the outer planets. Each area is a dangerous enemy base with a solid fortress system. Large walls combined with watchtowers are always in a state of readiness to fire. All buildings with resources will be located inside that concrete wall. Depending on each battlefield, there will be different ways of arranging buildings. The biggest goal is to destroy the headquarters located in the center. Tap the screen to summon your robot warrior at that location. Destroy all structures and get resource rewards.

TRANSFORMERS Earth Wars mod free

Combine with allies

Since it is a large scale war, it is easy for you to encounter other players and their territories. Everyone has their own Transformers base that you can go to. Players can interact with each other, text and send many exciting gifts. Although the value is not too great, it is enough to create a good relationship. Together with other players, learn tactics and how to build the most powerful fighting robots. Join the guild and join the giant transforming robot campaign. Fight together and win valuable gifts to upgrade your battle technology.

TRANSFORMERS Earth Wars free

The battles between Transformers have been going on for a long time to the present time. Fans still want to see more epic and impressive battles. If you are one of them, why not create your battles. Witness the power of your favourite robot. Even you can be the ultimate commander. All will be met in TRANSFORMERS: Earth Wars mod easily.

How to Download & Install TRANSFORMERS: Earth Wars MOD APK (Menu, God mode/Damage multipliers) for Android


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