More Snacks! MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited money) 1.6.1

Updated 02/01/2024 (2 months ago)
NameMore Snacks! APK
PublisherLion Studios
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK More Snacks!

Experience exciting chase moments as you join the hide-and-seek world in More Snacks! You will have the opportunity to transform them into delicious cakes that children love. However, you did not want to become their food, so you found a way to run away. And the kids will find ways to catch you and eat their favorite cakes. So the game of hide and seek will begin, and you have to find a way to get rid of the kids safely. But there will be times when you must transform into them to find and eat the hiding cakes. Join the new hide-and-seek game and experience what it feels like to be a hunter and prey.

Hide and seek is always a game every kid loves when participating in chases. And in this food world, the game of hide and seek is also taking place but in a new form. You have entered here and will find the challenges you face very interesting. There will be a time when you become cakes trying to escape the child’s pursuit. They love to eat cake, so they will search every place in the house to be able to catch you. Or you will experience the feeling of a hunter when you transform into a child looking for food. Start the fun-filled hide-and-seek challenges as you get to experience two different roles.

More Snacks mod apk

Download More Snacks! mod – Discover the new fun of hide-and-seek challenges

You have entered the world of food, and there are many challenges for you to experience. The world’s challenges are presented in a game that is familiar to everyone. It’s a game of hide and seek, and you can join those challenges anytime. You will become the cake if you want to be the one to escape the pursuit of the opponent. Or, if you want to conquer challenges, you can transform into hungry children. Every role excites you, and you experience them in many ways. Take on the challenge of hide and seek when choosing your role in the world of snacks.

More Snacks apk

Flexible roles

The world of food is always a place where children want to join to be able to enjoy. This place has a lot of delicious dishes, and one of them is the excellent donuts. But to eat the cakes, the children must overcome the challenge of hide and seek. That’s when the cakes don’t want to be food and will permanently hide from the kids. So they will find a way to run away from the pursuit of the children who are following. However, you will also experience the feeling of chasing cookies when you become a child. Explore your versatile role as a hunter or prey in the world of snacks.

More Snacks mod

Run away from the opponents

When you become a donut warrior, you will experience the challenge of hiding from gluttonous kids. They love to eat this type of cake, so they will find a way to chase and catch you at all costs. But you are small, so you can hide in the little nooks and crannies inside the house. And your opponents will transform into greedy children and try to catch you. They can flip items to find them, so you need to keep moving. However, hide and seek is always limited in time, and you must persevere until you win. Run away from your opponents, who are children, when transformed into attractive donuts.

More Snacks android

Chase your foods

The delicious donuts hiding inside the house don’t want to be caught by you successfully. So they will find a way to hide in the alleys and escape your pursuit. However, you are a starving child and will not want your food to disappear. And you will chase those cakes until you successfully capture them in your hand. Then you can freely taste the excellent taste of the donut that you want to eat. But your opponents in the shape of donuts will be very cunning in running away. Search every area of the house to catch the runaway cakes and taste them.

More Snacks free

You will start your new game of hide and seek when you enter the world of snacks. And in this world, there is food that you want to taste, donuts. But they are trying to run away and won’t let you catch them to eat. So it would be best to chase and find the cakes hiding in the house at all costs. Besides, you will hide from chasing children in the shape of cakes. Then you run to protect yourself from the gluttonous kids behind you. Download More Snacks! mod to flexibly experience the feeling of becoming a hunter or being pursued.

How to Download & Install More Snacks! MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited money) for Android


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