The Legend of Takara MOD APK 0.9.14 (Menu, God mode/Damage Multiplier)

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NameThe Legend of Takara APK
PublisherLuLuDu Tech Co., Ltd.
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, God mode/Damage Multiplier
SupportAndroid 7.0+
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Transform into legendary characters and protect the world in The Legend of Takara. The battle of the two supreme gods caused the world above Takara to shake and shatter. Lady Ximan used the last remaining pure energy to protect the world of Takara. Under the goddess’s protection, the peaceful world that had passed for thousands of years continued to develop. But this development journey was interrupted by an incident that no one on Takara expected. A meteor headed towards this world shattered the goddess Ximan’s blessing. The world of Takara is forced to come to light and face a threat that hasn’t been seen in thousands of years.

Takara’s world, protected by the great goddess Ximan is now exposed. Giant meteorite falls and brings new challenges to this peaceful world. Takara faces the danger of being attacked by other forces and has no help from the goddess. Will the enemies of the goddess Ximan discover this and attack the world? Please don’t count on luck and assemble a team of heroes ready for their onslaught. After thousands of years, the protection of the goddess finally dissipated due to a meteorite impact. Prove that the world can also survive on its own without protection.

The Legend of Takara mod

Download The Legend of Takara mod – Explore the legendary world after thousands of years

Thousands of years have passed, and the world of Takara is still going smoothly daily with its rules. Everywhere, people here feel protection from the goddess. She used all her strength and divine power to surround the developing world peacefully. Over the years, the energy left by the god could no longer protect the world. The meteorite impact shattered the energy membrane, and the world was exposed. An unprecedented danger will arise before the goddess Takara’s divine world. It would be best if you prepared a team of heroes before anything can happen to the long peaceful world.

The Legend of Takara mod apk

The legend of Takara

Goddess Ximan is the deity who has protected world peace and brought blessings. I don’t know why, but this place is named Takara to commemorate the merits of the goddess. She has protected the developed world and accompanied people in their beliefs for many years. People in the world are very grateful for the existence of the goddess to the world. But the fight with the enemy caused Ximan to fall, and she had to use her last strength. She still wanted to protect the world she had created and the divine energy that protected the world. But that’s just a legend; let’s join the team of heroes to discover the legend where the goddess built.

The Legend of Takara apk

World exploration team

The world protected by the goddess Ximan appeared after the meteorite’s impact. The remaining energy from the goddess could not withstand the terror from the meteorite. And now, Takara is open and ready to face a new journey without protection. The divine world has expanded throughout thousands of years of peaceful development. New species are constantly being born and raised under the protection of the kind goddess. But that also limits people’s ability to explore the world. Now that the protective boundary of the goddess has disappeared, you can begin your journey to explore the world with a team of heroes.

The Legend of Takara android

Fight with the enemy.

The remaining power of the goddess disappeared after thousands of years of protection and meteor impact. Takara appeared in the sunlight and continued the development journey for thousands of years. But in contrast to the peace of having the goddess protected, there can be difficulties. The ancient enemy of the goddess Ximan may appear again and attack the world again. They used to fear the goddess’s power, but it had officially disappeared. Enemies can enter the world of Takara to attack and turn the place into ruin. The goddess’s protection is gone; your duty is to protect yourself and this world.

The Legend of Takara free

A sacred land protected by the gods and prospered for a long time. But the goddess could not always protect the world, and the enemy attacked her. Before disappearing, her powers protected Takara’s world from revenge. But after a thousand years, the meteorite broke the veil that protected the world, bringing Takara to light. The world can no longer develop peacefully as it did a thousand years ago and must face risks. But it is also an opportunity for Takara to catch up with a new civilization after a thousand years of isolation. Download The Legend of Takara mod to protect and explore the goddess world with a team of heroes.

Download The Legend of Takara MOD APK (Menu, God mode/Damage Multiplier) for Android

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