Nonstop Fantasy Idle Defense MOD APK 1.3.6 (Menu/Free upgrade)

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NameNonstop Fantasy Idle Defense APK
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/Free upgrade
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Currently, on the market, many popular online games attract gamers. It is impossible not to mention one of which has the appearance of Nonstop Fantasy Idle Defense. It is a familiar incarnation game genre with beautiful anime characters in the background. Players will play the role of heroes full of talents and skills. Tower defense is always a top choice for those who tend to play role-playing games. Set in the familiar anime series boys and girls. You will be transformed into these girls and boys and protect your stronghold.

Bring a defense theme combined with elements of action and adventure in Nonstop Fantasy Idle Defense. Players will play the role of engineers who can aim and shoot geniuses standing on the banks of the ramparts. You build your strongest defense army. The perfect combination of a simple interface with great sound. Create realism and excitement for each shot fired. A world inhabited by all the unique mains. If you are a fan of Japanese anime, you will indeed feel satisfied with the character creation in Nonstop Fantasy Idle Defense. Hold your weapon firmly in your hand and join the battle to defend your castle.

Nonstop Fantasy Idle Defense mod

Download Nonstop Fantasy Idle Defense mod – become a talented knight defending the castle from invaders

After a period of people living in harmony with each other, your kingdom and castle are in danger of being invaded. The main enemies are goblins, mutant creatures from another planet. The first important thing was to summon all the strongest heroes of the kingdom in one place. Let’s join hands to help protect the city wall. They will automatically fight if a stranger comes to our land. Each time an enemy falls, the player will collect gifts. The more the enemy consumes, the more gold and jewels you will receive. Just maintain defense and upgrade combat stats.

Nonstop Fantasy Idle Defense mod apk

Unlock the army of warriors

It was a vast kingdom surrounded by a wall stretched thousands of kilometers. If there is only one warrior, it is not enough to be able to run around the city to protect it. Thus, Nonstop Fantasy Idle Defense allows the player to assemble an army of different heroes. With a maximum number of five members. You will unlock heroes through scavenging items. Then choose the knights that fit your strategy. Each warrior will have different strengths. Therefore, choose heroes who can support skills and support each other when needed. Or you can choose the games that you are a fan of.

Nonstop Fantasy Idle Defense apk

Upgrade skills

Since there are up to five soldiers standing on the citadel, Nonstop Fantasy Idle Defense offers each one a different particular skill. That’s why you should upgrade the combat stats for your army. Being an archer can increase the number of bows and arrows fired each time. Or sworders who can make a rain of swords. Witch with the ability to hypnotize a large area of ​​enemies. Collect enough minimum gold coins to upgrade these stats. The higher the fighting power, the greater the chance of winning over the enemy of your team. In addition, you can also buy other skills with red flames. These skills can provide additional information or a layer of protection for your castle.

Nonstop Fantasy Idle Defense apk free

Epic Battle

On the way to victory, you not only need to collect the required amount of gold, but your child must pass the challenging levels. There will be critical levels with much higher requirements. Follow the column of the appearance stats of the youkai that you can grasp. Wherever they are, they appear only infrequently and quickly. Near the decisive time will be a series of youkai going to battle together. You need to distribute your strength and skills similarly. Avoid being overwhelmed and overwhelmed by the mass appearance of youkai. There was also the appearance of a giant youkai with solid speed.

Nonstop Fantasy Idle Defense android

The development of other role-playing game genres has made the tower defense game lose its charm compared to before. But Nonstop Fantasy Idle Defense will bring you a new breeze. Although it is still the old motif, the publisher has added more modern elements and skills. Beginners can operate conveniently. Need to maintain strength persistently, and avoid being cut off in the middle of the road. With just a minute of neglect, your castle can be wholly invaded by evil hordes. Download Nonstop Fantasy Idle Defense mod to transform into powerful knights to protect your empire.

Download Nonstop Fantasy Idle Defense MOD APK (Menu/Free upgrade) for Android

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