HAWK MOD APK 42.0.30476 (Menu, Damage/Defense Multiplier)

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MOD FeaturesMenu, Damage/Defense Multiplier
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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MOD Infomation
  • V1: God mode
  • V2: Menu, Damage/Defense Multiplier

HAWK is a famous plane shooting game with mechanics that bring a lot of nostalgia from the past. Coming to HAWK you will experience many different air battles. Just use your single finger to control any match. It brings terrifying power to blow away all enemies in space. If you’ve heard of legends like 1942 or Chicken Invaders, it’s easy to get used to HAWK. I will show you everything about this game. Exciting things and how to become the best pilot. Side by side in dangerous missions to protect the universe.

It is the synthesis of all the genres of shooting aircraft ever. HAWK builds an age-friendly cartoon style. However, that is not the point of this game. What makes the most attractive and attractive is its nostalgic gameplay. Familiar vertical screen interface. Enemies will fire a volley of bullets at you, and the ultimate task is to dodge all bullets to shoot back to the enemy. Surely the adventures of HAWK will be very thrilling and dramatic to each battle.

HAWK mod

Download HAWK mod – War between the vast and vast universe

Take control of an aircraft with a variety of modern and advanced weapons. The mission of a fighter pilot like you is to rush on the battlefield. Everywhere in the universe, many alien races are carrying out evil plots. With the power of spaceships and intelligence, you can’t let that happen. Take part in fantasy space battles. Where you only need to use one of your fingers to defeat any enemy. Of course, this adventure will be very long. 190 levels represent the most difficult challenges that you will have to overcome.

In each spaceship you use to fight, there will be basic stats such as damage, health, armor, and many special abilities. In battles, only two stats, health, and armor are shown. When you take damage, you will lose a certain amount of armor. Don’t lose blood if you don’t want to sacrifice and lose. When you move your finger, the spaceship will follow you. Use that movement to calculate enemy attacks and dodge. Smash them all to victory and power up. Advance to higher levels.

HAWK mod apk

Huge and diverse airport

The airport is equipped with up to 3 slots where you can place your fighters. These soldiers are scattered about level and strength and classified by price and how to get them. You need to win many levels to collect a lot of money and buy new spaceships. Each has different power and special ammo, and you can also upgrade them to make the damage stronger and the health more abundant. Indeed collecting aircraft when winning will be an exciting experience and obviously than owning them in the first place.

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Large-scale campaigns

Indeed, in addition to the single-player mode according to the given story, we also have many other exciting modes. Prominent names that can be mentioned are Arcade, Team-up, and Assault. Each method brings its character and changes the way you play the game. With Team-up, you can coordinate with your friends in battles. Now you will no longer feel lonely when facing the enemy. Arcade and Assault modes both have famous big bosses, and killing them or not will determine your special fighting skills. Explore all the methods that you might find interesting.

HAWK mod apk free

Excellent Mission Accomplishment

In addition to the campaign and levels that can earn more money, there is another way for you to increase your income. It is nothing more than completing the assigned tasks. Missions seem to be an integral part of any game. That is why HAWK’s tasks are pretty simple and can be done in a short time. Moreover, you can still ensure that you get a lot of extra money. The missions mostly revolve around fighting, upgrading spaceships, playing with friends… The more tasks you complete, the higher the difficulty will be. Along with attractive rewards, do not discourage anyone.

HAWK mod free

A much more successful improved version of the plane shooting games of the previous era. HAWK is one of many aircraft shooting games that have not been released for a long time. But it is one of the names that leave an impression on gamers. With diverse but straightforward gameplay and high community, the HAWK mod will indeed become extremely popular shortly.

Download HAWK MOD APK (Menu, Damage/Defense Multiplier) for Android

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