Detective Jackie MOD APK (Unlocked full game/Unlimited diamonds) 1.0.9

Updated on 04/08/2021 (2 years ago)
NameDetective Jackie APK
PublisherGameHouse Original Stories
MOD FeaturesUnlocked full game/Unlimited diamonds
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Detective Jackie MOD APK Infomation
  • V1: Unlock full game.
  • V2: V1 + Unlimited diamonds. (Full 360 for max upgrade)

When there are cases that appear, we need professionals to solve them. Especially the role of detectives in Detective Jackie is clearly shown. Join them to solve an extremely puzzling murder case going on. Search for traces and objects related to the clues left behind. Discover things that have never been known to humans since long history. Bring this case to light and find out who committed this crime.

GameHouse Original Stories is a developer-focused on detective games. Detective Jackie is one of the products that give users fun. The construction of the plot to the shaping of the characters is done very elaborately. It will be more like a living novel than a normal game. Combine with intellectual puzzle games to take action even deeper. Help you both play and practice your recognition ability.

Detective Jackie mod free

Download Detective Jackie mod – Investigate difficult cases with complex nature

Jackie is a genius detective with extremely accurate judgment and deduction ability. But her past is a horrifying obsession with the death of her daughter. She is determined to solve special cases related to the disappearance and murder of children. Then one day, she witnessed a murder happening near her house. The investigators also gave up on the unsolvable difficulties of the case. Jackie will be the one to solve it to the end, no matter the cost. You will be the one to support her in finding useful things and solving difficult problems. Intelligence will be the most used in this quest.

During the investigation, you will receive help from colleagues. Everything they found could be related to the details of the case. From these little things, you can deduce a lot of different clues. Use everything you have to find the answer to everything you don’t know.

Detective Jackie mod download

Witness interrogation

Witnesses are people around the scene and have some connection with the victim. In the process of researching, you can conduct interrogation sessions. Extract useful information from the testimony that these people give. But consider carefully what each of them refers to. These things may be true, but there will also be unreasonable points. You can completely suspect and know if they are lying or not. If he is lying, then he is definitely hiding a related secret. You can completely track unusual actions to find the culprit quickly.

Detective Jackie mod apk

Secrets to find

You want to find the details related to the case, but your authority is limited. Feel free to resort to other, seemingly non-transparent but necessary ways. One of them is to move to locations with information about the case. You can disguise yourself as nursing staff to question witnesses. They will not doubt and can say a lot of things that they have witnessed. It is easier to exchange information because other people often hate detectives. A lot of personal information can be collected and screened to isolate the targets to be reached. Stealth is also necessary to serve a higher purpose.

Detective Jackie mod android

Clues and facts

Around the scene, you can completely find different items. They may have something to do with the victim and even the perpetrator’s way of committing the crime. Each object will help you unlock a piece of certain evidence or problem. Just collect them, and there will come a time when you will need these: a pen, notebook, or even a knife. Do not ignore anything that you think is the evidence used by the perpetrator. Certain things give you certain effects when solving puzzles. Find out the connection between these things to uncover the shocking secrets. Everything is necessary for your noble goal.

The clues you have are all transmitted to a painting called Medusa’s Vanity. This painting is based on the myths of ancient Greece. When you look closely, you will discover many unusual points of this bar. The relationship between its painter and the objects found. It may be a bit absurd, but maybe it has something to do with beliefs and religion. Everything is possible when you join the investigation in Detective Jackie mod.

Download Detective Jackie MOD APK (Unlocked full game/Unlimited diamonds) for Android

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