Candy Crush Saga MOD APK v1.206.0.2 (Unlocked level)

Posted 1 year ago by Thuỷ Dương
NameCandy Crush Saga
MOD FeaturesUnlocked level
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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The colorful world of candy in Candy Crush Saga always attracts players. King is inherently famous and has been very successful with this type of game such as Candy Crush Soda. In the journey with thousands of levels, you will face many different challenges. Candy colorful but it is also the challenge that players need to find ways to overcome. You need to arrange at least 3 candies of the same type to score. But not only that, depending on the game screen will have different requirements. Your level of sweet candy is clearly shown through the end of each game screen. 3 stars is a great score for excellent players.

The colorful candy always has a special attraction. With the first game screen, players get basic instructions on how to play. Then challenge 1900 points with 15 moves to be the next level. Limiting the number of moves does not put too much pressure on the player, you have time to think freely. The number of points needed is higher but the movement does not increase much through levels. That is the difficulty of Candy Crush Saga.

Candy Crush Saga mod download

Download Candy Crush Saga MOD – Sort sweet candy colors

Candy Crush Saga always has hints while playing but it is sometimes not a good thing. There are still places to help you score more, the suggestion is only supportive when you have not seen candies of the same color. Taking advantage of the Booster item will bring you many times higher scores. Players may exceed the target in terms of points but are not allowed below the requirement. Because there are two things you need to achieve when playing the game Candy Crush Saga. In addition to setting a goal to pass the current level, you need to have a high enough score to surpass your friends’ ratings.

The screenplay sweet with increasing difficulty

You need to have a high score but be limited in the number of moves the candy. Therefore, each turns the player needs to calculate carefully to get the highest score. There is always a position to arrange candies of the same color so that you can pass that level. You may not have noticed it yet, but those great locations always exist. No need to rush when Candy Crush Saga has no time limit. You don’t have to play fast, it’s important that your points are always new records.

Candy Crush Saga mod

The number of screens is extremely high

It’s hard to count how many levels in the game Candy Crush Saga. I even tried to pull up the screen to check but it was not patient enough to wait. It’s too much, if you want to conquer all levels, you have to spend a lot of time on this game.

Booster – The help for you

There are many in-game items, collectively called Booster, which is quite useful to support players. You can score points or get hints when you can’t find a suitable game. However, the amount is usually not much, so use when really necessary. When it comes to difficult levels, the effectiveness of the Booster will be shown most clearly.

Candy Crush Saga mod apk

Candy Crush Saga unlocked all levels, you can choose any level you want. If you’ve ever played through the initial levels and accidentally lost data, now there’s no need to play from the beginning again. Download Candy Crush Saga MOD APK thousands of levels for you to choose freely, overcome with your wise mind.

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