Tokyo 7th Sisters MOD APK (Menu, Auto Dance/Perfect) 10.3.2

Updated 19/09/2023 (6 days ago)
NameTokyo 7th Sisters APK
PublisherDonuts Co. Ltd.
MOD FeaturesMenu, Auto Dance/Perfect
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Tokyo 7th Sisters MOD APK Information

Mod Menu

  1. Auto Dance
  2. Sliders: Choose the proportion of perfect/great/good notes.

Introduce Tokyo 7th Sisters MOD APK

If you want to pick up a puzzle game with a focus on music, call it Tokyo 7th Sisters. This game can bring you exciting experiences with extremely exciting music. Especially the blend of Japanese music and culture also opens your eyes. Especially if you can get caught up in the exhilarating rhythm here. All the player’s emotions will be pushed to the climax when you reach the end of the piece. The design of the colorful game also makes the brain of the person sitting opposite the screen pay attention. In addition, you can also communicate with singers who express the very way the music the game provides.

In the main interface area of the game screen is a living room area. This is the pink place where the character you care about lives. In the small left-hand corner are pink horizontal bars and a number plate. This place shows the level and experience you have accumulated through many songs. The row of squares with the main icon at the bottom of the screen are keys that move to another area. Play area, buy music, movies, and characters, … with icon colours equivalent to each area. The play area is pink with the shape of musical notes; the shopping area is yellow with the shape of a trolley.

Tokyo 7th Sisters mod

Download Tokyo 7th Sisters mod – Puzzle game showing Japanese-style music.

Even if you are a first-time player in this game, there is no need to worry. With a relatively simple operation, you are guided right from the first steps. Appearing in front of you is an endless grey line. This path moves continuously forward. On this road continuously appear rectangles with different colors. Each color represents a piece of music that appears in the song. Your job is to keep your finger steady so that you can slide all the rectangular notes. Pay special attention to the need to quickly remove your hand if you run out of squares. As long as you touch an area that is not a note, you lose.

Tokyo 7th Sisters mod apk

100 songs

Because the game takes music as the main element, the treasure of Tokyo 7th Sisters songs is not tiny, with more than 100 Japanese songs from different singers and musicians. But initially, you can only unlock some simple songs after collecting gold stars or winning musical notes. You can use these items to unlock new songs. Players can also play the same song over and over again to get the maximum number of stars. In addition, the game also offers difficulty levels. With three modes, from easy to complex, the running speed of the notes here will be different.

Tokyo 7th Sisters apk

More than 50 idols

Every time you reach a climax that you can pass, a singer performing the song will appear on the screen. They dance and perform to the music in several notes. The better your playing skills, the more these characters appear. With 50 idols, including both male and female, different music styles. The idol girl has purple hair with a well-made face. Or the platinum-haired girl with a mellow ballad music style. She has short turquoise hair with a cheerful face that matches the vibrant music style. With sad songs, idols also drop their souls into gentle dance steps.

Tokyo 7th Sisters android

1000 episodes

The main character of the game is Nanasys, revolving around her is a rich story system. She knows idols, so you can unlock these videos. This place will open either extremely heavy story scenarios. It can also be stories that revolve around extremely simple daily activities. Players can follow and interact with the idols through the words on the screen. Immerse yourself in and transform into idols to get the most refreshing experience. Just go to the right area with the green footage, and you can unlock these experiences.

Tokyo 7th Sisters apk free

When playing the game, if your hand operation can slide all the notes without being deflected out. Significant lines will jump across the screen. Sparkling star silhouettes also appear when you tap the note. If you have played the full length of the song, you do not lose. Players can get a bonus with an extra game in the background. Here you just need to touch the musical notes on the screen to get the reward. Download Tokyo 7th Sisters mod to create great music by touching notes with Japanese idols.

How to Download & Install Tokyo 7th Sisters MOD APK (Menu, Auto Dance/Perfect) for Android

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