Beat Blade: Dash Dance MOD APK 3.8.5 (Unlimited money)

Updated on 14/12/2022 (2 months ago)
NameBeat Blade: Dash Dance APK
PublisherBattleCry HQ Studio
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Control the character to run like a warrior in Beat Blade: Dash Dance gives you an interesting feeling. With songs with a piece of strong background music, the character and the sword will slash the cube to score. Each song is arranged in cubes with different density and frequency. Players need to move to the sides to slash the block and avoid the traps if you do not want to stop the game. This fanciful music space is your own game. Race to the beat of a series of famous songs, wear headphones to enjoy every note. You may have played many music games but Beat Blade: Dash Dance is still a game that leaves you with a lot of impressions.

Choose a song from the list and give your character an excellent performance. There are only two things that you are going to be a cube and a trap. The player can skip cutting the cube without halting the level, but it will take longer to reach your destination. Beat Blade: Dash Dance has a selection of difficulty based on each song. Please overcome all challenges in each song of this game and share the results with your friends.

Beat Blade Dash Dance mod

Download Beat Blade: Dash Dance MOD – Race on music background

The game’s itinerary is displayed in the horizontal line above the screen. You need to collect the cube to quickly complete the level, but do not focus too much on the pitfalls that can harm you. They look a thorny shape and do not look like an object that can be approached. Depending on the difficulty and the song, obstacle avoidance is the main challenge of this game. Increasing movement speed reduces reflexes, making controls inaccurate.

Many special songs

EDM, Hip Hop, KPop and Anime are in-game music genres with many famous songs synthesized. Besides, there are still songs you need to unlock with Coins. Maybe it is a song in the top trending or some expensive collection. Beat Blade: Dash Dance MOD lets you choose any song with an infinite amount of money right from the start. You just need to control the race character in a crazy style and collect enough cubes.

Beat Blade Dash Dance mod apk

Choose a weapon

Demon Blade, Watermelon, Flying Pan, and Star Wand, are the names of the weapons used to slash the cube. They can be swords, lollipops, egg frying pan, ice cream, but all have hidden powers. Every time you move to the sides, the cube will be sliced ​​no matter what weapon you choose.

Graphics quality

I appreciate the graphic design of the publisher, when choosing Ultra it makes the character control no longer smooth because my phone configuration is somewhat limited. Of course, when you choose the quality at Low, it is still very good and the experience during the game is not affected. Beat Blade: Dash Dance automatically adjusts the graphics to suit each device. Usually, I won’t talk about graphics in-game introductions but Beat Blade: Dash Dance does a great job of this.

Beat Blade Dash Dance mod download

Beat Blade: Dash Dance is a race in the epic music game with an outstanding music collection. The music store is constantly updated to match the times and trends. Download Beat Blade: Dash Dance MOD enjoy fun tunes in unlimited gameplay for you to feel sublimated.

Download Beat Blade: Dash Dance MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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