Project: Muse MOD APK (Unlimited money) 8.0.0

Updated 06/02/2024 (4 weeks ago)
NameProject: Muse APK
PublisherRinzz Co. Ltd.
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play

Introduce MOD APK Project: Muse

Feel the melodies in each song and recreate them in the game Project: Muse. You will enter and experience a world filled with the sounds of songs. This place embraces high-tempo melodies with a modern twist of high-class songs. And you will not only enjoy these songs alone but will be accompanied by the girls. They are musically gifted and will swing to the pieces you create. You can also challenge yourself with different songs to discover talent. Swing to the rhythms of modern music and enjoy the songs to the fullest.

Your journey into the world of music has begun and you have to get used to it. Upbeat melodies are always around and can keep you entertained. Every song seems to carry endless whispers of fun notes. You get to hear the melody coming from your favourite music and more. You can become a musician and perform the selected song yourself. Musically gifted girls will listen to your songs and make comments. Each song is like an adventure and needs to be learned to grasp its meaning.

Project Muse android

Download Project: Muse mod – Looking for musical talent

A world of music has opened up and welcomes those who want to challenge their talents. Those challenges are the ability to respond to the rhythms of the given song. Anyone can try their hand at vibrant songs of the whole level. You can start to get acquainted with the sound of the melodies of the most accessible songs. Beginning with these songs helps you get used to your rhythm and reflexes. You can choose a higher level if you are already proficient with catching up to exciting tunes. Enter the music world and take on the challenge of finding outstanding musical talent.

Project Muse apk


Anyone can reflect, and you can also test your ability. It’s about feeling the melody of the song and practising how to perform the music heard. Every beat of the song always comes out of the blue, and there you can test your reflexes. If you do it well, those songs will be done smoothly and perfectly. But if your reflexes in pieces are not good, that’s okay. You can train yourself through the notes at different levels of difficulty. Test your reflexes in songs and improve them if you want.

Project Muse free

Exciting songs

You have entered a world filled with joyful and colourful sounds of life. This is where all the songs can be found and neutralized together. All create an ideal environment for those who are passionate about music. Every piece has a different style, and you can find your style. Each beat will also change depending on your reflexes when performing the song. The girls accompanying you are also subjects for you to test your agility. Search for the vibrant vocals of the music world and fully enjoy the tunes.

Project Muse mod apk

Music competition

You’re not alone in entering the world of music with a passion for fun tunes. Others also have a curiosity about melodies that can beautify life. So you can perform musical talent comparison with other music lovers. The scores you get when performing the song will be recorded on the chart. Other players can see your achievements and can choose the same theme. Whoever has a better track record in pieces can move up the charts. Find music enthusiasts with you and take on the challenge of matching tunes.

Project Muse mod

You and other music lovers will enter a musical paradise. There are many songs with different tunes for you to test your reflexes. You can choose pieces with melodies from cricket to complex to challenge yourself. Upbeat songs not only relax you but can also improve your reflexes. Music competition arenas will also be opened for you to challenge those who love tunes. Everyone has different musical tastes, and let’s practice your musical ability. Download Project: Muse mod to explore the world of themes and enjoy vibrant songs.

How to Download & Install Project: Muse MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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