Tiny Worlds MOD APK 2.0.1 (Unlimited Gold/Diamond/Shards/Tesseracts)

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NameTiny Worlds APK
PublisherOld Skull Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Gold/Diamond/Shards/Tesseracts
SupportAndroid 7.1+
Get it onGoogle Play

To be a ruler, you need as much force as possible in Tiny Worlds. Creatures capable of destroying the big and stubborn things you hate the most. Nothing is more suitable than a mighty dragon with sharp teeth. They will take you flying around the vast blue sky of the world. Aim at asteroids and destroy them to harvest resources. Your fleet of dragons will conquer all places with their abilities. Before long, all will have to kneel before the legendary ability of the talented leader.

What do you need to do in an idle game to relieve your stress? That is to destroy all the targets in it with precise presses. We will be enhanced with both graphics and images. Allows you to play the role of the strongest with outstanding abilities. Seeing buildings destroyed will stimulate our curiosity. A mythical world that you own and control. Become a rich person and use that fortune for anything you want.

Tiny Worlds mod apk

Download Tiny Worlds mod- Rule them all with an army of dragons

The potential of asteroids hovering in the sky is immense to you. Inside there are a lot of gold coins and other valuable things that can be used. However, it is not possible to dig them up by yourself because that is too time-consuming. Another way is to use noble dragons to work for you. These dragons will be controlled by you and move to the desired planet. They will then spew fire and destroy each layer of the asteroid’s soil. Reveal hidden gold pieces and quickly harvest them. The more gold you accumulate, the faster you can upgrade your dragons.

Destroy and collect

The targets you need to exploit are none other than planets with different shapes. They are like pieces of earth floating in the sky, filled with valuable things for you. Depending on their structure, your mining time may or may not be extended. The thicker the plots and the better protective layers, the more difficult it will be for you. Thus, it will need dragons with excellent strength to exploit well. You can also support your dragons by swiping on the screen. Let’s see what’s hidden under that thick layer of soil. Be it gems, diamonds, and, of course, gold coins most of all.

Tiny Worlds mod free

Collect Pets

Your pets are dragons that are working hard to destroy the other planets. We bet many species were born in this world and can be trained. You will find the eggs and raise them until they hatch into dragons. Then the dragons will be upgraded until fully mature. They can spit fire, shoot dark energy, freeze, or some other ability. Basically, these dragons are classified based on the elements in nature. You can see their rarity through the representative border. Dragons at higher levels will gradually evolve their spectacular appearance.

Tiny Worlds mod

Skill upgrade

To increase your harvest and destruction, you need to use skills. These skills are like perks that provide helpful stats. For example, increase your manual destruction speed by a few percent. Increase the dragon’s attack power higher to destroy the layers of earth quickly. Increase the harvest from the planets higher to get more profit in the Tiny Worlds mod.

Download Tiny Worlds MOD APK (Unlimited Gold/Diamond/Shards/Tesseracts) for Android

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