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Updated on 26/02/2023 (1 month ago)
NameDear My God APK
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Have you ever thought about what happens when you lose all your memories? Or the line between life and death forces you to choose. A new game with unique situations about your love will be interesting. For example, Dear My God gives you a lot of stories that move you to choose carefully. This is a simple game about behavior and decisions. If you need a light entertainment game, don’t forget to put Dear My God on the reference list! This is an excellent option for you to relax.

The story of Dear My God begins with your character as a petite girl. The plane trip suddenly changed her life. An accident occurred that caused the girl to lose her memory. You are forced to choose when you get lost in a place, and life and death are very close together. Try to remember your name. If you can’t find a way to remember the word, you will have to stay there forever. A series of problems occur with many other objects. You will meet a lot of diverse characters. In your journey to find yourself, love blooms, and you are constantly put to the test. Be wise to see your name again!

dear my god mod

Download Dear My God – Lots of unexpected situations

When placed between life and death, the character you control has to be careful. You will live a new life to find yourself again gradually. The motif of Dear My God will bring a romantic love story to your character. You will experience a beautiful love affair. But there are many challenges and twists and turns. Do you have the confidence always to make the right decisions? What will this new life bring to your character? Let’s start with that little girl on the quest to find what has been forgotten! The girl’s name is the only thing you need to try to see again. So please bring this little girl back to the living space as before.

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The stock of situations is highly diverse

Dear My God allows you to experience being the female lead in the stories. No longer receiving manga or anime series with the eyes. Now you can completely feel the truth through the stories of Dear My God; before you is a series of questions that expose you to various challenges. They all revolve around you having to think and choose cleverly. The romantic love of you and the guy has been with you since your trouble. In that different world, you are also tested with death. Countless fictional situations followed. To answer them, you will have to be calculated and cautious. Dear My God is a perfect version for those who like relaxing games gently.

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Attractive character

You will be completely captivated by the sharpness and beauty of the characters. Dear My God is a long story. You will meet many more people full of personality and deep introspection. You can immediately guess the nature of the characters just by their appearance. The guy who walked with you with sincerity, a handsome look, and trust. Or you may have to go through a challenge with characters who are only meant to challenge you. Boy in the world of the dead with questions extremely challenging you. Experience fantasy situations that will take a lot of your energy to think. The journey to find your name to return to everyday life soon will only begin. Be quick to adapt to everything to start the trip right away!

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Nice and easy-to-understand interface

Dear My God follows the concept of quizzes and choices to answer. The questions are presented in a slow and easy-to-understand manner. The font size and question frame are complete in the eyes of the player. You will have an enjoyable experience for your eyes. Behind the questions is a lovely background – where the girl is. The buildings and bonsai are so vivid and realistic that you will fall in love and not want to leave. Everything is so beautiful and shimmering one after another. After a long work day, your eyes and thoughts seem to be recreated naturally. Enjoy spaces full of fun and surprises.

dear my god apk

This game brings a certain relaxation to those who love lightness. You will be challenged with interesting multiple choice questions. The slow pace of the game gives you ease and comfort when participating. Quickly help the little girl regain her memories and return to life. Download Dear My God mod to immediately join the journey to retrieve memories and challenge yourself with exciting puzzles.

Download Dear My God MOD APK (Free Premium Choices) for Android

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