City Island: Collections game MOD APK 1.1.2 (Menu, Unlimited Money)

Updated on 19/01/2023 (1 week ago)
NameCity Island: Collections game APK
PublisherSparkling Society - Build Town City Building Games
MOD FeaturesMenu, Unlimited Money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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MOD Infomation

1. Menu
2. Unlimited Currency ( Gold, Cash etc ) – turn on the mod when game stars
– Increase Instead of decrease

An idle simulation game to build a city of its own called City Island: Collections game. Build a city with epic infrastructure. This city reigns on a large island in the vast sea. Collect as many cards as buildings with different functions. Arrange buildings in such a way that they are in harmony with the surrounding natural landscape. Unlock and reclaim the lands around you. Cut down the overgrown trees that grow here. City Island: Collections game provides islands with different terrain characteristics to explore.

Explore hundreds of different buildings scattered across islands 1 to 5. Not only are there residential buildings for the city’s residents, but there are skyscrapers, shops, bar,… It sounds so luxuriant and rich, but at first, you’re just on a completely empty island. Players can manage a limited amount of gold and money. The construction of an independent city, rich or not. This depends on your financial management and ability to operate buildings. These things just need to accumulate gradually, increasing experience. Build the city persistently and try to make it more developed.

City Island Collections game android

Download City Island: Collections game mod – Build your dream city on deserted islands

At the beginning of the game, there is a short-haired girl wearing a yellow jumpsuit. She will guide you through the first steps. Players just need to follow the operations of the blue arrow on the screen. The first infrastructure package players will be free. Inside there are only basic small houses. They will be stored in your buildings information book. After touching the red book, select the island you want to build. Scroll down to see the buildings you want to place on your island. Then long press and drop to the desired location on the land where you plan to place that building.

City Island Collections game mod

Collect buildings

Already a prosperous city, the buildings and infrastructure must also be diverse. City Island: Collections game provides all the buildings to ensure the needs such as entertainment, dining, living, working, … Maybe a small house with a garden for players to grow farming and animal husbandry. Or maybe a high-rise apartment building built in a massive and multi-storey way. Many amusement parks and game parks, … There are also decorative objects to make the land more vivid and lifelike. Trees, statues, bus stops, flowers… All these houses you have to buy with gold coins and packs of resident cards.

City Island Collections game apk free

Unlock five islands

In the middle of the vast ocean, there are five islands that players can explore. The first island in the center is already unlocked, and the player needs to unlock the surrounding islands. To open the next islands, the player needs to completely build the previous islands. Depending on the requirements of each island, you can build a number of buildings. Then it can be unlocked. Merge houses and build different buildings such as cafes, restaurants, eateries, farms, … The more you build, the more vibrant the life of the residents here becomes. So people attract to stay over.

City Island Collections game mod apk

Earn money

When buying house card packs, players need money, gold or diamonds. But to have the coins to buy card packs, the player needs to collect money from the houses. After inaugurating the house, it officially went into operation. From there, count down the hours when a certain amount of time has elapsed. There is a truck that moves regularly around the city. Whenever the houses pass enough time. Above the house, the image of a green money pile appears, the car can move there and collect it. Waiting times vary depending on the type of house. The amount received from houses also varies over time.

City Island Collections game apk

Players need to merge buildings, collect cards and grow cards that become popular. Game members around the world can visit each other’s islands. The more the island grows, the more your reputation resonates. Complete all the missions to become a talented mayor. Upgraded buildings can earn more money. The waiting period for making money is also shortened. Download City Island: Collections game mod to build the island to develop the most abundant and strongest development in the whole server.

Download City Island: Collections game MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited Money) for Android

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