Tiny Archers MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Updated on 27/08/2022 (3 years ago)
NameTiny Archers APK
Publisher1DER Entertainment
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Tiny Archers gives you the mission to protect the tower and the kingdom from evil goblins. Having a bow and arrow, you will make the monsters heading towards the tower lose their lives. The story of Adam, Narin, Ben, and Lilly will lead players through the series of days of battle to defeat elves. From the jungle enemies always try to control the tower as well as harm you. Targeting properly, hitting them in the head will kill them instantly. If you shoot at other places like people and your feet will take more arrows. Tiny Archers with a war between the great people protecting the kingdom and the evil monsters. Each passing day marked the end of a war.

Archery skills will help players survive and not let monsters invade the kingdom. Start with Adam’s story, understand how to play, and explore the rest of the story. When giant monsters discovered the kingdom, they ordered the goblins to go there. It’s not clear what their intentions are but definitely not good. Stand on the tower, shoot arrows when you see any goblins when they set foot on your territory.

Tiny Archers mod

Download Tiny Archers MOD – Defend the kingdom and destroy the elves

Tiny Archers creates game modes based on each character’s story. It can be said that this is a new and innovative way of publishing. In Tiny Archers there is no introduction to the game mode, you are immersive in each character and discover their story. The main task is to kill the goblins when they die the flies will come to decompose the corpses and that place will grow flowers. Every goblin’s life grows a flower, so try not to let them survive. If not destroyed, the goblins will be at the foot of the tower and try to climb up to harm you. When there are two monsters at the bottom of the tower, use Hot Tar to destroy them.

Strategic gameplay and interesting story

After spending 24 days with the character Adam, you will continue to fight while immersing in the remaining characters. Naturally, the difficulty would increase, and the battle map would change as well. Get acquainted with new locations, many new monsters appear. At this point, an excellent skill only partially helps you win. Please upgrade the bow and arrow, increase the power of weapons.

Tiny Archers mod download

Looking to the blacksmith to upgrade weapons

Arrows are the most important thing. Elves have many different types, they don’t just reach the tower by running. They also have shields or attack you again. Unlock new types of arrows and have the blacksmith upgrade them. Besides, you also find many bows and traps here. In addition to the Training bow, there are several other bows and arrows such as Composite, Hunting, War, and Bow of Master. In addition to gold, you need to have enough experience if you want to own a new bow and arrow.

MOD Version Tiny Archers

  • Infinite gold and gems.

After going through the tutorial and playing the first stage, gold and gems will increase. Use it to upgrade weapons and buy more arrows in battle.

Tiny Archers mod apk

Tiny Archers with action gameplay protect the castle from the goblin invasion. There are many ways they will strike, set traps so that it will support you. Each yellow flower will mark the location of the monster destroyed. Let the road to the kingdom be full of flowers. Download Tiny Archers MOD to improve your archery skills, fight and destroy goblins.

Download Tiny Archers MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for Android

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