Stickman Fighting Supreme MOD APK 1.0.28 (Unlimited money)

Updated on 12/01/2023 (2 weeks ago)
NameStickman Fighting Supreme APK
PublisherZego Global Publishing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 6.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
MOD Infomation

1. Unlimited crystal
2. Unlimited gold

As a follower of the fighting action game genre, players cannot ignore Stickman Fighting Supreme. The game takes the familiar stickman graphic interface. It depicts the street battles between warriors from different worlds. Each one has unique skills and attacks. However, Stickman Fighting Supreme is quite demanding on the ability to control and interact with the character. At the beginning, the player is guided to operate and control buttons through two gray descriptive images. On the right is the character movement circle. On the left is the operation to attack the enemy and jump up if needed.

The game does not aim at a special plot, here only focuses on the player’s fighting skills. Defeat players and opponents from all over the world. The characters are inspired by movies, comics or famous animated series. But all are designed in the form of a skinny stickman, swaying limbs. The special thing here is that each character brings with them special skills that they possess in the book or movie, not the usual punching or kicking skills. In the main interface, your character stands on a yellow flying rock, in the middle of a vast lawn.

Download Stickman Fighting Supreme mod – A bloody battle takes place between two fiercely opposing stickmen

After clicking on the battle area, the player is taken to a map in the shape of an island. Above there are flags with avatars of your opponent’s characters. Players click on those flags to choose the opponent they want to fight with. On the field, above each character’s head, there is a green bar. It is the symbol for the energy column. Every time the player is hit, red will gradually replace blue. Until the green color is exhausted and completely transformed into red, the character is dead. Or when the character falls out of the competition area, it also means disqualification.

Various heroes

As mentioned earlier, the characters are modeled on numerous movies and stories. Umbrella is taken in the form of a stickman. But Stickman Fighting Supreme keeps the inherent characteristics of famous characters. Players can control Spider-Man, the blue giant, etc. They all retain their inherent appearance characteristics. For example, Spider-Man still wears familiar red and blue clothes. Werewolf with familiar black clothes, platinum hair. Or the green giant, though no longer a giant, still wears only a pair of purple pants. Or simply a blue stickman with a yellow crown on his head.

Stickman Fighting Supreme mod

Character skills

The characters that preserve the skills available in the movie is also a special thing that the game brings. For example, Goku can shoot energy, Naruto throws darts as the main attack move. Ironman possesses iron gloves with supernatural powers. The green giant has a punch with extraordinary strength. However, players can also equip their characters with interesting weapons and costumes. The lightsabers exude powerful energy. Or the flying shoes with two streams of fire emanating from the soles that give the hero superhuman speed. Thor’s iron hammer was purchased to equip the character to fight against evil.

Stickman Fighting Supreme mod apk

Game mode

Stickman Fighting Supreme offers players two main game modes. One is the game mode with the machine, the player who chooses this mode will automatically random other heroes to fight with you. With this mode, players can discover players from other regions. Feel free to practice your fighting skills. The other mode is the two-player mode. Players can invite their friends to join the game. Will be free to choose two characters to join the battle, then the two will fight each other. The more characters you win, the higher the player’s reputation is, and the rewards are also great.

Stickman Fighting Supreme apk free

Stickman Fighting Supreme’s fight takes place in many different locations. Each location brings a certain difficult terrain. When it was on the roof of a train car running on the tracks. Or above a towering wall that the player can fall at any time. Snow covered mountains with undulating and slippery peaks. The top of the construction scaffolding of the skyscrapers. In night, the player is imprisoned in a cellar with flickering flames. Or on the horizontal bars rising in the middle of the vast sky. Download Stickman Fighting Supreme mod to participate in the confrontation between two people fighting blood sticks.

Download Stickman Fighting Supreme MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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