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Updated 01/12/2022 (2 years ago)
NameLevelhead APK
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SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Levelhead

In life, we cannot always deliver goods by ourselves. At such times we will have to rely on a third party that is a service. These shipping services will be responsible for your delivery. Make sure your ants are intact. To do this, the shipping services must be very reputable. Never disappoint your customers. Get started right away with Levelhead and train your transporters. Also, Snipers vs Thieves, MAD ZOMBIES will be an explosive fighting game if you need it.

Levelhead is a creative game for enthusiasts of this gameplay. The game will let you arrange the obstacles yourself and let you fight it yourself. An engaging employee training game that keeps you hooked. Unleash your creativity with the most dangerous pitfalls. Let your imagination soar high and beyond. Challenge your strategy building on different levels. Improve management capacity and train its employees. Build a solid system for your work. A strategy game will be available on the store, just download and start to immerse yourself in the world of technology.
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Download Levelhead – Train your delivery staff

A shipping company has created a robot to replace humans. These robots have the purpose of delivering goods to users in the fastest way. Make sure your customers receive these items in the best possible way. But unfortunately, these robots are no different from babies when they first come out. It is not possible to complete the delivery job in the best way. This is when a manager like you is needed who will teach them carefully. Help them become more mature by training them in extreme training courses. You’re going to have to build this training to scale and peril so that they can do it well.

Levelhead mod android

Various pitfalls

These pitfalls should be part of your training plan. You are the one who arranges them on the way of difficult challenges. You will also have to control your robots to overcome these obstacles. Make it as difficult as possible. The harder it is, the better your staff will be. There will be a certain number of obstacles for you to build. Distribute them evenly over the most difficult and difficult to control areas. These obstacles all have the same feature. If you enter you will explode into pieces and return to the starting line or specified point.

Levelhead mod apk

Overcoming challenges

There will be many different levels to challenge your robots. There are levels you can sort yourself, there are levels you can’t. The difficulty will gradually increase as you pass one level and reach the next. Challenges that are getting weirder and more difficult will make you sweat. Carefully avoid the obstacles and reach the finish line safely. Don’t let the time run out and still not reach the destination of the game. You will have to work hard to improve your level. Constantly rising up and challenging the seemingly impossible. That is the will of a person full of ambition, to bring glory to yourself.

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Try out different maps

There are players like you who are creating extremely interesting levels. These levels can be shared with Levelhead and challenged by other players. To put it more simply, you will be playing what they have created. To see if their creativity makes it difficult for you. Challenge your limits with countless strange and varied levels. Take your robot’s transport skills to another level. Dodging traps is like a super ninja with top-notch flying skills. Prove the reputation for your shipping company, ensure that the customer’s package always arrives safely and on time.

Levelhead mod apk free


To evaluate and compare the skills of players with each other, there will be a ranking. The number of points that you gain through each level will be saved in this table. Those with the most points will be written on the board and honored on it. If you always work hard, one day your hard work will pay off. Your name will sit on it to the admiration of other players. The rankings are fierce competition and will fluctuate from day to day. Every day will be an opportunity for you to rise and improve your skills. Download Levelhead mod and make your delivery robot unique. Challenge and create exciting levels.

How to Download & Install Levelhead APK for Android


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