Ticket to Earth APK 1.7.9

Updated 07/11/2023 (6 months ago)
NameTicket to Earth APK
PublisherRobot Circus
CategoryRole Playing
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SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Ticket to Earth

Ticket to Earth journeys to a distant planet where you must fight to survive. Your life changes suddenly when entering a new world; catch the waves quickly to adapt. How long will you stay, and how many enemies can you defeat and receive a prestigious prize? Every war that happens has hidden deep, unpredictable plots. An extensive world for you to explore, role-playing the character to go through this arduous journey. You can upgrade your strength to make it easier to fight and win. So who will survive and top the rankings after fierce wars?

Players battle enemies in puzzle runs in Ticket to Earth. Each challenge is a brutal war between the two sides; no one gives up. Fight against the corrupt team that runs rampant in this magical world. A child arrives in a new universe, completes a noble mission and brings a glorious victory to himself. Your battlefield is on puzzle grids, where you show your strength. Destroy the opponent by following the same colour cells; the longer the path, the stronger the bomb explodes. The unique ability to see through the world, everything you own and act on.

Ticket to Earth android

Download Ticket to Earth mod – join the fierce revolutionary war

You need a cool head, see-through things on the battlefield, and then decide. In Ticket to Earth, too, every move affects your destiny; you will survive in the vast universe in the right direction. On the contrary, if you let your opponent attack without being able to resist, you have sacrificed. The moment of life and death is fragile, so keep it as strong as possible. Players can also play with teammates, team up and win the highest position. All battles are done on a puzzle-based puzzle that matches tiles of the same colour together, creating the most symbolic link possible.

Ticket to Earth

The battles are fierce

A series of massive missions await you; the increasingly crowded opponents make you scared. Whether you have the right to master this world or not depends significantly on your strength. The battle only stops when the division is clear; who will be the lucky one? Tactical map, use it to capture places on the planet and solve problems. If you are the master of the battle, you will counterattack fiercely without hesitation. Struggling will have to happen; go ahead and fight hard; you are afraid you will suffer significant damage after the war is also the time when you win valuable bonuses and efforts are rewarded.

Ticket to Earth mod apk

Power up your character

Ticket to Earth designed a collection of 4 characters with four different powers. Players accumulate bonuses to upgrade their character is inevitable. You can upgrade your strength, weapons, appearance, and even brain. What is on the body, if properly promoted, has excellent benefits in battles. Use the rich account to buy powers for your players; they will do well. If you can play as a team even better, the whole team is strong; then this world will belong to you. Let’s help them shine, distil each person’s talent to use it properly. You create the character; you are responsible for controlling and upgrading it.

Ticket to Earth mod

The battlefield needs a clear strategy

The battlefield in Ticket to Earth is where you do the puzzle. You use your hand to pull bricks of the same colour in any direction, as long as it is the longest. Besides, the path also needs to be strung together, maybe in a straight line or a zigzag. This game requires a careful strategy to have the best way and fastest money. When you get the bricks together, release your hands and explode. At this time, as a bomb exploded, snipe all the opponents out of the field and win. Each enemy will stand on the brick table, hit the colour, and drag the right path to destroy them.

Ticket to Earth aok free

Players explore a world full of exciting but equally fierce. Puzzles stimulate your wits, quick your eyes and shine with unique gameplay. You release energy when you accumulate enough bricks of the same colour, exploding enemies in a split second. Ticket to Earth, where you show your team leadership and strategise accordingly. Every decision you make affects your fate later; whether you progress or become more muscular or not is thanks to fighting with opponents. Download Ticket to Earth mod to conquer the top puzzle and assert your quality on the battlefield.

How to Download & Install Ticket to Earth APK for Android


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