Alice Re:Code X MOD APK (Unlimited mana, No CD) 1.7.2

Updated 17/10/2021 (2 years ago)
NameAlice Re:Code X APK
PublisherKF Games Co., Ltd.
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited mana, No CD
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Alice Re:Code X

Science fiction topic applying modern technology has become extremely popular and popular. A series of visions was born for the future of humanity on Earth. It was all just snow and not too much practicality though. But they are also very interesting to see and feel. Just like the game Alice Re: Code X. The story in the game is set in a distant future. Where people have achieved many great scientific achievements. Takes a series of unpredictable dangers to happen.

In an unspecified future. There is a secret science organization called DOOR. For many reasons that are difficult to disclose, have assisted cruel scientists in conducting many experiments that are prohibited around the world. Not long ago, a lot of serious errors arose in experiments. The most terrible is creating a black hole connecting to a strange world Wonderland 10 years ago. In order not to let the accident get out, the scientists worked hard to cover up this secret world. But the deaths of those who come in contact with them. Raising many people’s doubts. And so the journey in Alice Re: Code X begins. Idle Angels, Dream Zone: Dating Simulator also has beautiful hot girls in the levels, if possible, give it a try.

Alice ReCode X

Download Alice Re: Code X mod – The war against the mystical world

During those turbulent years. There was a scientist calling himself “Dr. Ninsnons” invited from outside the organization. During the experiment, the girls have been discovered with special abilities. They are temporarily called Alice Girls. That ability is compatible and resistant to the effects of Wonderland. Since then, the plan of Operation Alice Number was created. For the purpose of bringing the girls of Alice into Wonderland. Discover the mysteries behind this strange world. That’s right, Alice Re: Code X is a true adventure role-playing game. Where you will show your skills and strategic talents.

You will control the girls Alice, each with a different appearance, personality, and strength. Put them into a lineup of up to 5 people, exploring the vast world of Wonderland. Encounter and face off against strange monsters. They do not seem to have originated from the earth at all. Winning levels to open more storylines. Solve the bottlenecks and uncover the secrets behind this world, and the secrets of DOOR activities as well. What is their real purpose? Why does this world exist? Answer them yourself in Alice Re: Code X.

Alice ReCode X mod apk

The identity of the girls of Alice

Perhaps what you are mostly wondering about right now is the true identity of the girls Alice, right. They are the characters chosen by the organization. Has curious compatibility with Wonderland and is deeply influenced by that world. No one knows where they came from. Just know that they have a special connection in that dangerous world. Some typical characters are Alice “Jack”, a girl with an expressionless face. With a desire to possess the power of the strongest to undertake his given mission. Alice “Sophie”, always accompanying “Jack”. In my subconscious mind, I always wanted to find my sister. Along with a series of other characters bring their own stories.

Alice ReCode X mod apk free

Explore the strange world

Set foot in Wonderland. You will find a very erratic scene here. Sometimes it was peaceful and pleasant, sometimes it became extremely chaotic and terrible. Your task is simply to go, go around in this world. Meet strange people, chat and get to know them. Reveal the secrets in this world. And of course, face off against many monsters of unknown origin. They possess a power that certainly does not come from our Earth. Maybe they have some secret regarding the Alice girls? You should team up according to your wishes. Turn-based combat with monsters. Win and continue the journey.

Alice ReCode X mod free

Challenging with many modes

In addition to the form of walking and fighting in the storyline in the game. In addition, you will discover more fascinating things in this Wonderland world. Although there is only one world in Alice Re: Code X. But they are divided into several distinct regions. And new game modes have been released. We have 5 modes which are the basic Story mode. Hard mode with the denser appearance of monsters and equipment. In daily mission mode, you will do the job gathering ingredients, crafting, fighting, and many more. Dungeon mode tests how deep your power can go. Finally, PvP with the skilled arena with other players.

Alice ReCode X mod mod

There is more to Alice Re: Code X that I can tell you beyond the scope of this article. You absolutely can only enjoy the great story of the game because they have a certain length and detail. Or try hard with other modes, to increase the power of Alice’s squad according to many different strategies. Obviously, Wonderland will never limit your exploration and fulfill your curiosity. Work side by side with special girls, fight, and find secrets in the Alice Re: Code X mod.

How to Download & Install Alice Re:Code X MOD APK (Unlimited mana, No CD) for Android


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