LevelUp RPG 2D MOD APK (Menu, God mode/Onehit/High Exp/Move Speed) 2.0.1

Updated on 18/03/2023 (2 weeks ago)
NameLevelUp RPG 2D APK
MOD FeaturesMenu, God mode/Onehit/High Exp/Move Speed
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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LevelUp RPG 2D is a monster hunting adventure game on a deserted island in the open sea. The main task is to use weapons in hand to destroy monsters when playing the role of a monster hunter. On this rich island, mysterious creatures keep spawning endlessly. Facilitate your endless leveling up. Players need to maintain stable peace on the island with their abilities. Every day there are new matches for you to explore and learn. As time goes on, these creatures grow stronger, and players need to train every day to serve in battle.

After choosing the desired character, the player is taken to an empty island. Here is a hut of the Aboriginal people. Clothes drying racks with common household items such as firewood, fire, hammer, ax, etc. Monsters crept in the bushes, groves, or hidden in living things. Under the strange and different shapes, the player needs to kill them all. Then collect the dose materials they turn into. The creatures often move to attract the player’s attention. The requirement of the game is to collect enough youkai in a certain amount of time. Otherwise, the player will be exited and replayed.

LevelUp RPG 2D mod

Download LevelUp RPG 2D mod – An adventure to hunt mysterious creatures on a vast desert island

In the bottom corner of the screen is a circular virtual key, a thick brown one. If the player wants to control the character to move around the area. The player can move the thick double at will. If the player wants to attack creatures with weapons, just click on that character. In the upper left corner of the screen, there are two horizontal bars with blue and green colors. The blue color is the experience bar that the player wins when defeating the monsters. When this bar is filled with blue, it means the next level is reached. The green bar is the player’s health bar.

Many areas

LevelUp RPG 2D allows players to explore and collect monsters in various areas. Players can freely explore their full capabilities across a variety of environments. It’s still the same unspoiled island, for example. But rather a peaceful setting on a beautiful sunny day. It is quite possible to turn into a pine forest covered with dense snow. Or the area near the crater, the rocky soil is arid. There are also rivers of burning lava. Or inside an ore mining pit, deep rock cavities and sharp ledges. There is also inside the abandoned rampart area, spider webs spread everywhere.

LevelUp RPG 2D android

Fight with the boss

If only collecting mysterious creatures, the player must accumulate for a long time to reach higher levels. Therefore, the system of LevelUp RPG 2D has created bosses with a huge amount of experience. If you kill these large monsters, you can pass many levels. They also have a variety of shapes for players to explore. Giant blue dragons with white beards and horns. Or a mutant lion with two sharp fangs that is large and sharp with sharp claws. Or the player is taken to a maze area and must find their way out.

LevelUp RPG 2D apk free

Character options

Before entering the game at the beginning, the player can choose one of two given characters. Each character has certain looks, weapons and abilities. A guy named Alen with brown hair the same color as the clothes. In his hand, he held a wooden sword and a shield of the same kind. The girl Alis with similar weapons but with an opposite appearance. The white hair accentuated the simple brown clothes. Players can name their characters if they do not like those names. The player can also change the weapon sword for his character.

LevelUp RPG 2D mod apk

The main interface has a leaderboard area encased in a yellow trophy. Also, as known, the player can change the weapon for the character. Can collect gem items and natural elements and fuse into the most powerful weapons. Then equip your hero. The battle can be more easily won if the player has the most advanced weapons and equipment. Before meeting the bosses, players need to train their characters to be as strong as possible. Download LevelUp RPG 2D mod the battle to destroy the mysterious creatures that appear on the peaceful island.

Download LevelUp RPG 2D MOD APK (Menu, God mode/Onehit/High Exp/Move Speed) for Android

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