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Updated 04/11/2023 (4 weeks ago)
NameBlock Breaker Miner APK
PublisherRollic Games
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited Money
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Block Breaker Miner

Block Breaker Miner MOD APK challenges your creativity in the world of blocks. You will embark on new journeys of discovery as you begin life in the cubic world. Here, everything is created from blocks arranged on top of each other. However, to start the construction process, you need to make your areas. So you need to hold a pickaxe to break stone blocks and collect materials to build. Then, show off your architectural and design talents when creating structures. Get ready for adventurous missions as you make a city from blocks.

The task you need to perform when entering a new world is to learn about everything around you. And when you look at the land, you will see that everything is made from small blocks. So you will feel interested in this world and motivated to participate in journeys. And you will start using the pickaxe to create an area where you can start building. In the process, you can collect building materials of different materials. Each material has its uses, and you should discover them as you explore. Begin your explorations of the block world and kick-start your building process.

Block Breaker Miner mod

Download Block Breaker Miner MOD APK – Build your city in the vast block world

You will have the opportunity to express your creativity when participating in the block world. This is a whole new world and will bring you unprecedented experiences. And before doing anything, you must always research carefully to understand the creative mechanism. You will see small blocks, but when combined, they create giant structures. So, you believe that you can also create projects with your designs. But first, create buildable areas by destroying layers of rock. Participate in construction missions and show off your construction design talent.

Block Breaker Miner apk

Collect ingredients

What you need to do to have enough building materials in the new world is collect materials. They are layers of dirt and rocks that are under your feet, but you need to destroy them to be able to collect them. And with the help of a pickaxe, you can easily do that. The deeper you dig, the more materials and construction space you will get. Once you reach the required level, you can stop and start your building process. So, take the materials out of your bag and create projects according to your design. Collect materials while breaking areas in Block Breaker Miner MOD APK.

Block Breaker Miner free

Build buildings

You are the one who can use the blocks you collect to create the necessary buildings. And your goal is to create a city, so you need to try a lot. By ordering various materials, you can obtain materials from basic to advanced. The simplest things you can manage are soil and wood to make the foundation. To build higher, use strong materials such as stone and iron combined. In addition, to help make buildings more robust, you can use renovated materials. Complete construction processes and create your city buildings.

Block Breaker Miner android

Conquer challenges

More buildings will be built if you master the construction rules. And you will also get acquainted with the process of mining materials when breaking blocks. This will also help you unlock new construction areas to expand your city. Therefore, to complete the goal of building a megacity, you need to launch plans continuously. Besides, it would be best to devise planning strategies to create a modern city. Finally, you can see the results of your construction after a long time. Conquer mining challenges and use blocks to build your dream megalopolis.

Block Breaker Miner mod apk

You have begun the work of breaking blocks to create foundations for building buildings. During this process, you will use destructive items and collect materials. But you alone cannot do this work quickly at different levels. So, you need to hire more workers to help you speed up your construction process. With that help, you can quickly create a city with your designs. But your goal is to create a megalopolis from small blocks, and you are still pursuing this plan. Download Block Breaker Miner MOD APK to conquer construction challenges in the block world.

How to Download & Install Block Breaker Miner MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Money) for Android


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