The Real Juggle MOD APK 1.4.2 (Unlimited money, no ads)

Updated on 18/11/2022 (2 months ago)
NameThe Real Juggle APK
PublisherLion Studios
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, no ads [More]
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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If you want to experience the feeling of skilful juggling as the ball artist does. Welcome to The Real Juggle. Here you will be practising your ability to bounce the ball through the levels. At each higher level, you will have more high-class bouncing balls. Although The Real Juggle does not pay much attention to graphics, the game still attracts the players. The nature to conquer will make players excited and excited. When playing The Real Juggle, players can also practice patience skills because the game is not easy to win.

Train and overcome challenges. That is what players need to pass each level. It sounds a bit daunting because the game takes practice to complete the challenge and level up. However, that also makes the game more attractive and attractive to players. The Real Juggle is not too focused on the interface, or music like other games. But it is a very attractive game for players by nature to conquer. Or want to become a professional art batter with ease. Lion Studios is indeed very successful because the player’s feedback is very positive.

The Real Juggle 1

The Real Juggle mod version

  • Unlimited money, no ads.

For the mod feature to work, you need to copy the folder in the Zip file to Android/data.

Download The Real Juggle mod – Professional soccer player

Become a skilled art batterer. Control the ball and fling it continuously to pass the levels, while also training yourself to persevere and be patient. Is a soccer simulation model, where the player controls the soccer player. In this game, you can visit a lot of places where players visit. To be able to complete the task, the footer needs to control the player so that the number of football meets the standards. When passing each level, there will be bonus points and additional bonus points. The bonus points earned will give you the ability to change balls and other equipment.


The Real Juggle mod 1

Interesting game modes

Coming to The Real Juggle, you will be playing as a famous soccer player. Your task is to manipulate the players to complete the challenges well. Watch and focus so that the ball doesn’t touch the ground, basically, you simply keep the ball off the ground. So when the ball falls, you need to kick it up and not allow it to touch the ground. In addition, players can choose to challenge kicking the ball or touching the coins. It will help you increase a lot of bonus points, quickly level up. Bonus points can be used to change any player character you admire. Isn’t that wonderful?

Famous people

Experience the feeling of being a professional and famous soccer player. Helping that famous player perform skilful tackles. Or if you have a good playing technique, you can even hit the ball if you want. It would be great if you could play the role of a famous player that I admired for a long time. This is one thing that you must have never thought of. With The Real Juggle, you will have fun helping your famous players overcome the challenge. Perform skilful playing techniques and beautiful artistic ball moves as a famous player.

The Real Juggle free

Simple graphics, sound

The Real Juggle 3D graphic design for player and ball. So the player is very easy to control the kicking player according to their discretion. Create a feeling like the player himself is actually immersing himself as a professional soccer player. Plus the soccer sound, making The Real Juggle more dynamic and realistic. It really helps the player to be completely engaged and engaged. How long can you juggle and keep the ball in the air? Help famous players overcome the simple tossing challenges?

The Real Juggle apk

Attractive reward

You just need to overcome the challenges, you will instantly get bonus points of gold coins. These gold coins are very useful to you, they allow you to change the players you want. Or can change the soccer venue more beautiful. In addition, you can also get more rewards through the challenge of kicking the ball through the golden boxes. The number of bonus points will be very high, you will not only get rewarded for completing on time, but also for an excellent performance.

It is wonderful to play the role of a famous player, isn’t it! Help them win and take them everywhere. Download The Real Juggle now to experience immersive soccer with your idol! Weigh all challenges and win for yourself and your idol. At the same time, I also accumulate the ability for to be patient and practice. What, what are you waiting for without downloading The Real Juggle to have your own experience?

Download The Real Juggle MOD APK (Unlimited money, no ads) for Android

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