Run Race 3D MOD APK 1.9.6 (Unlocked Skins)

Posted 7 months ago by Thuỷ Dương
NameRun Race 3D APK
PublisherGood Job Games
MOD FeaturesUnlocked Skins
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Challenge your motor skills and compete to see who can finish first in Run Race 3D. Although it has a simple design, it is less attractive to players. All the most complex skills related to human physicality will appear in this game. You and your opponent will run, climb, acrobatic… Do everything to reach the finish line with the number one position. Roughly speaking, it’s parkour, but it doesn’t follow any rules. You and your opponent will do everything to take the lead and finish first. From that race, there will be a lot of funny situations happening.

The terrain is the deciding factor to win in Run Race 3D. When it only takes one stumble or trip, you can be left entirely behind. You only control one character in all races. So focus on showing off your skills to the best of your ability. Run Race 3D has simple graphics, but its gameplay is the opposite. Players will need a lot of practice to master the skills. Apply them perfectly in matches for quick wins. You don’t want to be left behind for a long time, do you?

Run Race 3D mod

Download Run Race 3D mod – Complete the race with top techniques

Your character will automatically move during races. Use your fingers to control the direction of their movement. For example, tap to jump, long-press to swing… Obstacles will also appear continuously on the running track. Use the appropriate moves to overcome them. If you don’t do anything, you will hit a trap and take a while to continue running. Then you will be far behind the opponent, and No one wants that to happen, so the most effective solution is to overcome all obstacles. To master this will take a lot of time. But surely, the race will be more straightforward when you master your skills.

Run Race 3D mod apk

Dozens of quality maps

Run Race 3D is developed in a fun style. So it will not be strange that the maps in the game have pretty cheerful colors. Accompanying the cheerful tone are many obstacles arranged in different orders. This challenge is both complex and fun for you and your opponent. All will compete for the number one position with many humorous actions. Jump over traps to distract your opponent and slow them down. Please take the opportunity to swing the ropes so that it is difficult for the opponent to grab them and go further. Full of the funniest jokes you can think of and make. Don’t forget the mission to finish in first place with high skill.

Run Race 3D mod apk free

Rank Competition

There are up to 4 players in each race of Run Race 3D. Different colors will distinguish players to avoid confusion and misunderstanding. 4 is also a number just enough to not cause overload. If the number of players is too much, it won’t be very clear and lose the fun. At the start of the race, the rankings of all players will appear in the upper left corner of the screen. If anyone surpasses others or falls behind, the ranking will be changed immediately. Although it is not so important that it only informs the player’s rank, it also helps to improve your morale. It’s always better to be number one than last.

Run Race 3D mod free

Dramatic race with friends

The race in Run Race 3D will be without laughter if you do not invite more friends to join you. With up to 4 participants, you and three others make a great team. Compete with each other and perform the most awesome pranks. Compete to see who gets the most number one. Besides bringing many moments of relaxation and humor, Run Race 3D also connects many people. See you in many meetings for a long time. Bring back memories and prank each other in this unforgiving race. Run Race 3D is perfect for playing with family and friends during holidays or special occasions.

Run Race 3D free

Control characters with unique colors and race to the finish line. Overcoming obstacles requires moderate skill. Focus on funny chase scenes between players. Run Race 3D is a collection of skill and humor in the same game. Take a small amount of time to race with your friends. Beat fatigue and stress from work and study. Try out the race for the ultimate fitness professionals in Run Race 3D mod.

Download Run Race 3D MOD APK (Unlocked Skins) for Android

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