The Quest MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 20.0.3

Updated 05/02/2024 (2 months ago)
NameThe Quest APK
PublisherRedshift Games
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK The Quest

The Quest role-playing the character and exploring the magical world contains many exciting things. You will visit the kingdom of Monares, a place full of trouble and magic. A planet is full of people, scenes, creatures and many exciting activities. The cards will decide the fate of defeat, revealing every detail related to life. Many races are at war; your job is to find the cause and stop the danger. The supreme agents of a mysterious king use darkness to cover up the beautiful kingdom. You will find plans and destroy them with your strength and knowledge.

Monares is a brewing kingdom; everything was running smoothly until the Governor of Freymore disappeared. All previous plans fall apart, new plots appear, and you need to do everything to bring the kingdom back to its original state. The bad guys are rampant here, using magic to keep the world in check. You will find a way to sneak inside the magic room, collect valuables and foil their tricks. The world consists of 4 small cities combined; explore all places to know the truth.

The Quest mod

Download The Quest mod – explore the kingdom and prevent danger

Players role-play the dramatic story, and you will follow the journey. With many quests to solve, and many places waiting for you to explore, the palace is like a complex matrix. You will gradually reveal the truth your way and join the fight if you encounter bad guys. When allowed to attack and destroy you, monsters of higher rank appear. The kingdom’s safety is in your hands; quickly find a way to deal with the mess so that everything is peaceful again. In travelling, you can meet many people, get acquainted and make friends. However, it is also necessary to choose who to play with because there are both good people and bad guys in The Quest.

The Quest android

Explore the vast palace

The place where the kingdom existed as a vast land inhabited and many untapped voids. Players can freely conquer wild mountains, caves, rivers and even forests. Wherever you go, there is magic, and you use the keyboard shortcuts to move up, right or left. You can go through the prison, where you need to unlock it to get in and out. The more challenging to reach the points, the more hidden things are; you must go inside by all means. The symbols on the wall carry the eloquence and bravery of the enemies. Such places are their territory, infringing you must fight.

The Quest apk

Selection of combat weapons

Enemies that are strong enough to deal with need adequate weapons to destroy. Players own a collection of support tools such as hammers, axes, armour, helmets, swords and many more. The defensive items will help a lot if the opponent attacks you and reduce the amount of health lost. You can choose weapons before going to battle and collect a lot of gold to exchange for valuable items. The weight or destruction of each trophy will be displayed in the right corner of the screen. Detailed descriptions are updated for players to evaluate and buy the right product. With various types of equipment, you can purchase enemy encrypted magic potions.

The Quest mod apk

Counterattack dangerous opponents

As mentioned from the beginning, The Quest has drawn strong opponents. They have unique names, looks and powers; look for them one by one and eliminate them. The native map you are working on will also move in the player’s direction to determine the position of you and your opponent, easy to dodge or face-to-face. Green giants, evil witches, and fearsome hunters all gathered. They set up barriers to your exploration; disperse and walk through them with confidence. The player also meets the palace people and can ask for their help.

The Quest apk free

You can ultimately create your character and concoct the magic you want. Just one spell is enough to make others believe and do what you say. Explore the vast world for a full day, rain or shine, depending on the weather. You socialise with people in the same kingdom but fight enemies. Dangerous, strange creatures bring many surprises; only strength can not bring them down. Weapons and strategy are two things that need constant support for fiery battles. You can trade your fate through exciting, magical cards that await. Download The Quest mod, stop the dangerous agent of the king, and bring peace to the palace.

How to Download & Install The Quest MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for Android


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