Homo Idles MOD APK (Menu, God mode/High damage) 2.85

Updated 14/06/2022 (2 years ago)
NameHomo Idles APK
PublisherStudio Drill
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, God mode/High damage
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Homo Idles

Evolve from a guy with nothing in his hand to a hero who destroys evil in Homo Idles. The world around us always exists, everything that we can achieve. You must recognize it and start developing right now. Today Idles will show you how important this is. Start your journey from a primitive man. Fight to equip yourself with the most powerful weapons. Step by step to the path of a real warrior. If you do not develop, you will indeed be defeated by evil forces. To keep yourself and the world safe, you must stand up and fight.

Homo Idles creates a world gathered in a simple smartphone vertical display. There are no guidelines to guide you to success and find everything. Feel free to start your journey most randomly. Find materials and craft them into weapons. Encounter with a variety of monsters and fight them. What you look forward to the most – more challenges will appear. Which path will you choose to prove yourself a great warrior?

Homo Idles mod

Download Homo Idles mod – Climb to the top of strength with the fastest speed

You don’t have anything but a cane as a weapon when you’re just an Aboriginal. There is only one skill to go around and attract monsters and fight. Every beginning has its own set of difficulties. Persevere through this phase to receive true strength through hard work. Level up continuously to unlock more vital fighting and survival skills. Self-taught tools to exploit resources and items. Develop new weapons yourself to make it easier to fight the monsters. Your journey only begins here. Until the final stage, there will still be many challenges. Prepare to enter a real war.

Homo Idles mod apk

Various combat systems

Depending on the materials you collect, you can create a lot of armor. They come in different shapes and colors and offer a variety of abilities. Not forgetting the increasingly developed weapons and upgraded to be more suitable for monsters. Can’t we use a wooden stick to defeat the demon lord, right? Then what are you waiting for without crafting the most powerful holy swords? Even the armors give you many excellent abilities like speed boost. Block enemy attacks or unleash the lightning that deals continuous damage. Combine it all to complete the perfect set of equipment. Ready to deal with any monster in the world.

Homo Idles mod apk free

Giant Bosses

Boss battles have become an indispensable trademark of strategy games. If the boss of a level is not huge, it will also have significant damage to challenge all players. Homo Idles is no exception and has a wide variety of bosses. From the boss, King Golem summon stones and spirits to attack you. Goblins command many minions, and it will probably be an unequal battle. Any boss fight is a challenge that requires the player’s ingenuity. Tactics and composure will be the most critical factors to determine the outcome. Don’t be impatient and lose in vain.

Homo Idles mod free

Fight without stopping

The journey of Homo Idles is so long that it seems infinite. That is more than enough for you to accumulate a lot of power and collect everything in the game. Adventure in dungeons in search of forgotten treasures. Collect all of the world’s most powerful armor and weapons. Conquer dozens of challenges and defeat hundreds of bosses of various species. You will decide the purpose of this journey. It can be an adventure anywhere. Or defeat the main villain to win this game. Even if everything comes to an end, a lot of new content is waiting for you to experience.

Homo Idles free

The evolution from a primitive man to the strongest warrior is long and very interesting. Immerse yourself in upgraded gameplay and make yourself stronger through multiple challenges. The combination of elements, although not new, does not reduce the attractiveness. Collect everything needed to make your warrior the strongest. Explore the world alone and destroy the world’s worst villain with your own hands. Download Homo Idles mod and fight with the primitive hero.

How to Download & Install Homo Idles MOD APK (Menu, God mode/High damage) for Android


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