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Updated 18/09/2023 (7 months ago)
NameThe Past Within APK
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Introduce MOD APK The Past Within

The Past Within is an adventure game that explores a mysterious world full of ghosts. This is a cooperative board game that requires the participation of two people on two different devices. Each player needs to prepare access on their device and be able to communicate with each other during the game. The game does not support single mode so players need at least two people to be able to participate in this game. Two people can experience the game on different devices without an Internet connection. Each person will experience the past and the future differently. This means that the information they receive will not be the same, so it is necessary to support each other to understand the game better.

Based on the clues and evidence the game provides, the player needs to find out the location of Albert Vanderboom. Two players can discuss the hints that appear along the way. Come up with solutions to solve the problems that both of you face. The story throughout the game is logical and interconnected. The player could not find any deviation in the chronological order of this game. The player can choose the past or the future, and teammates choose the opposite. Travel through time and space in The Past Within to discover what happened to Albert Vanderboom.

The Past Within mod

Download The Past Within mod – A story through time takes place for Albert Vanderboom

Although the two players have two different perspectives in two different time periods, the operation of the game is relatively similar. Follow the instructions of the text that appears on the screen of both time periods. Just click on the arrows that appear on the screen. The player is then transported to the locations where the hints appear. Starting the process, the player needs to touch the items that the player wants to explore more deeply. Touch the suspicious objects that need to be collected as evidence, they will move into the row of squares in the right corner of the screen. The game consists of 2 chapters and is limited to only 2 hours to explore.

Two perspectives

As mentioned about the game mode that The Past Within brought before. Here there are two time schools corresponding to the two players cooperating. One in the future and one in the past, the activities also happen seamlessly. Relative activities are linked together by small details. It is possible that the time characteristics of the past are the key to unlocking the knots of the future. Each view is in a different place, the objects and tools are also different in both places. Players can see from the perspective of their close friends and discuss with their teammates. Both gave their personal views and then chose the option.

The Past Within mod apk

Search suggestions

Every hint is hidden in every possible nook and cranny of the room. Players need to scour every nook and cranny inside each area here. There are key hints to finding everything well hidden. Like the key under the purple carpet, it takes the player to pull the entire carpet up to see it. There are also hints to unlock in case there is a bottleneck in the enemy’s time field. Like the sequence of numbers to unlock the safe hidden behind the photo or the number to enter the phone. Thick black smoke drifted through the rooms. How to find the green gem hidden in the soup pot.

The Past Within apk free

Replay experience

The Past Within only has two official chapters, playing time is also limited to two hours. If after this time, you and your teammates still have not discovered the mystery. Then force the player to start the game again until the end. To get the most complete experience, players can play two modes in turn. In addition, players can experience playing from the beginning to be able to make the freshest decisions. The game offers you many puzzles, players do not have to solve them in order. Just complete and collect enough supplies. The overall result is helping Rose launch his father’s plan.

The Past Within android

The images in 2D and 3D perspective bring interesting experiences. The association of the two-time frames also makes the game more logical. Especially this type of co-op interactive play has created a highlight for The Past Within. You and your teammates can completely discuss with each other to solve the whole game. From the shady pictures hanging on the wall, the picture frames were shattered. Collected items can also be used to solve puzzles. Download The Past Within mod challenges an interactive co-op game about the story with Albert Vanderboom.

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