Idle Hero Battle MOD APK (Unlimited Money/No CD) 1.0.9

Updated 02/12/2021 (2 years ago)
NameIdle Hero Battle APK
PublisherSample games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money/No CD
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Idle Hero Battle

Becoming a hero is something that few dare to think about and do in life. However, you can still become a strong person if you participate in Idle Hero Battle. Adventure with friends in a dark dungeon filled with death and danger. Proficiently use powerful weapons to destroy any enemy. Discover new things and learn more exciting experiences. Can you do miracles to create recent history?

Suppose you think that all idle games are boring and nothing special. You’re mistaken. Idle Hero Battle will completely change your view once you decide to experience it. The plot content is quite rich with many unpredictable details. The image also shows significant investment with top-notch combat effects. Make your gameplay dramatically enhanced from every angle. Let’s dig deeper to find out the fantastic stuff.

Idle Hero Battle mod

Download Idle Hero Battle mod – Fight and purify dangerous dungeons

An idle hero battle will get you the excitement that never ends. Idle Hero Battle is quite simple for anyone, so they can get used to it and play it. First, you will be controlling a hero participating in the battle in the dungeon. They can automatically move and attack their opponents continuously. After the enemy in front has been destroyed, you can move on to the next challenge. Even while you are inactive, the heroes will still fight non-stop. Make sure your game progress is maintained like being continuously online. The resources received will also automatically be collected as desired.

Idle Hero Battle mod free

Use skills

Your hero possesses a total of four different skills to unleash their power. All will include three ordinary skills and one ultimate skill. Conversational skills can damage, heal, or create beneficial effects on the character. It has a reasonably fast cooldown and can be used continuously. The ultimate skill was utterly different, and it would make a highly destructive attack. It causes multiple enemies to be wiped out in a short amount of time. But its cooldown will also be much longer than the other skills. Therefore, it is necessary to use everything properly in battle.

Unique weapon types

In Idle Hero Battle, four different weapons exist with unique abilities. The first is considerable control with the ability to attack melee, causing colossal damage. The second is the bow and arrow, with the ability to attack extremely effectively and continuously. The third is the magic staff with compelling moves. Finally, there will be a pair of killer daggers that bring terrible combat speed to the character. Each weapon has its pros and cons, so you can’t expect perfection. Get used to them to be able to fight even better. No enemy can come close to you in possession of these beautiful things.

Idle Hero Battle mod apk

Costume collection

Do you want your hero to have a new cool look? If you wish to, find yourself a very eye-catching outfit right away. You can complete the required quests to get the usual businesses. But if you participate in the lucky wheel, the odds of getting rare skins will be higher. It allows you to make your character more unique than ever. But you will also have to spend a lot of money to get high rarity skins. Your luck is what will determine what you get. Create a fashion collection like nowhere else.

Idle Hero Battle mod android

Lots of tycoons

No one wants to confront dangerous bosses and their invincible power. However, you are different, and your goal is to fight to improve yourself. At the end of each critical turn, you will meet these bosses. Destroy them to receive precious treasures being guarded. Note that they are compelling. It is possible to use one attack to put you at a disadvantage. You should increase your combat strength to the maximum if you don’t want to be stuck forever. Each boss you meet possesses a unique fighting ability, such as flying or spitting fire. Don’t get crushed by them in any way.

Idle Hero Battle mod is a pretty good entertainment tool for you after boring times. So download to start a great war in your way.

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