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Updated on 11/04/2022 (1 year ago)
NameTap Smiths APK
PublisherTiny Titan Studios
MOD FeaturesFree shopping/upgrade
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Games that allow us to transform into heroes are inherently too familiar. So what if the main character of a game is a blacksmith like in Tap Smiths. You might think that his journey is just forging equipment every day. But his role and duties are much more significant than that. It’s tough to make a great weapon, which is the challenge that players must overcome in Tap Smiths. Help the blacksmith Grandpa in crafting weapons for heroes. From popular primitive weapons to legendary weapons to fight all forces.

That’s right, your only task in Tap Smith is to forge as much excellent equipment as you can. At first glance, it sounds uninteresting. But the highlight of this game is that you are the main character. You will be the one to create powerful equipment for heroes to fight. From there, if the quality of the weapon is good, you will be known more. Raise your gun forging position by hiring many famous artisans. Try to craft the most substantial mythical equipment in the legend.

Tap Smiths mod

Download Tap Smiths mod – Master of forging weapons

Your role is more important than anyone else in this world. Because you are the only one who can make weapons for heroes. Your quest needs no introduction. Control the forge in any position to create a variety of weapons. Use your finger to move the giant hammer. With different materials, there are many kinds of tools and weapons. Smash the massive stone table complex to sharpen the weapons to perfection. It will turn weapon debris into gold coins and many exciting items.

Even if you do the same movement repeatedly, you won’t get bored because there are so many different materials in this world. From those materials with many components, it is possible to produce hundreds to thousands of other weapons. After completing a weapon, you can immediately send it to the hero who ordered it and let them adventure and test the quality of the product you have made. It is a fascinating job.

Tap Smiths mod free

Dozens of skilled blacksmiths

The 65 blacksmiths in Tap Smiths all have specific skills and experience in forging weapons and armor. It is not natural that the developer has added them to this game. The reason you have the desire to collect as many blacksmiths as possible lies in their skills. Each artisan will have the experience and skills to make a different weapon. Some people depend on the type of weapon, and others rely on suitable materials. Because of the object, the higher the level, the more a blacksmith can make a variety of weapons from many different materials. That is the particular point that brings their value. It would be best if you collected as many blacksmiths as possible.

Tap Smiths mod apk

Abundant ingredients

The array of crafting materials is vast enough to be talked about in a regular article. But I will give you a brief introduction so that you can understand clearly. Each cloth is a crucial ingredient to create a weapon. Primary materials make up the core of a single weapon, such as swords, magic staff, bows, armor… There are also materials that you can combine in many different weapons. From there, there are weapons with distinct shapes and powers. Depending on the rarity of the items, to be able to create different class weapons. Legendary weapons are always a challenge for new blacksmiths, and when it takes a lot of rare things to do it.

Product self-test

If no hero wants to order your weapon yet, you can use it yourself. That’s right, and you will use your weapons to fight. This is also part of Tap Smiths. Ancient ruins are where you and your teammates will go to explore. Part of testing the power of weapons you make, the rest is earning a large amount of money yourself.

Along with that is a lot of rare items to continue making weapons. These ruins are scattered all over the world with a full range of difficulty levels. Depending on your weapon level will determine whether you are strong enough to pass or not.

Tap Smiths mod apk free

The process of creating a weapon is not simple at all. You, as a blacksmith, should understand the importance of being meticulous and hardworking. If you are a person with that virtue, surely Tap Smiths will be highly suitable to you. Together with the most famous blacksmiths. Combine ingredients intelligently. Create powerful mythical weapons in Tap Smiths mod.

Download Tap Smiths MOD APK (Free shopping/upgrade) for Android

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